2011 Conference Speakers


John Patrick

Dr. John Patrick
CHEACT is thrilled to bring you Dr. John Patrick, the C.S. Lewis of the 21st
Century, as our keynote speaker for our 2011 Home Educators Conference.   Dr. Patrick will challenge and encourage us to prepare our children not only for the academic rigors of college but life itself.
John Patrick holds M.B., B.S., M.R.C.P. and M.D. degrees from the University of London and St. George's Hospital Medical School in London. He has done extensive research into the treatment of childhood nutritional deficiency and related diseases, holding appointments in Britain, the West Indies, and Canada. He has lectured widely at universities in Britain, North America, the former Soviet Union, and Africa, working with various international agencies and with the Christian Medical and Dental Society. In 2002 he retired from his position as Associate Professor, Clinical Nutrition, Departments of Biochemistry and Pediatrics, at the University of Ottawa.  Currently, Dr. Patrick is President and Professor of the History of Science and Medicine at Augustine College, Ottawa. 
You can learn more about Dr. Patrick at www.johnpatrick.ca.
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Justin Horsman
Justin Horsman
Justin’s enthusiasm and desire to see each person reach their God given potential infuse his sessions with cultural and educational relevance. Justin, a business owner, has had a vast array of leadership experience, ranging from training for companies such as Microsoft and T-Mobile, to managing over 16 different Maine State House of Representative campaigns.
He loves coming along side and assisting those seeking a faster, more efficient, and cost effective way of obtaining their bachelor’s degree by giving them practical and life changing guidance. A CollegePlus graduate himself, and homeschooled student; Justin, completed his degree in just 19 months for under $12k, and is currently in law school. Justin, and his best friend and wife Bethany now reside in San Antonio, TX with their daughter Emma!
You can learn more about Justin Horsman at www.collegeplus.org.