You are invited to informational sessions on the second Tuesday of every month at the Family Vision Library, from 10:00-11:30 am. The next meeting will be September 10.Each date will have a specific focus, but there will be time for you to ask questions about other aspects of homeschooling. Topics I have planned are the following:

  • September 10—Putting Together a Four Year Plan -- We will go over HSLDA’s recommendations for number of credits in different areas. Types of curriculum, dual enrollment, what you can count for credit, and more, will be covered.
  • October 8--- Record-Keeping-- We will talk about what kinds of records you should be keeping for your high school students, as well as what colleges are looking for. Transcripts, diplomas, and documenting extracurricular activities will be included.
  • November 12 --- Testing and scholarships – You can start preparing now for college scholarships as well as getting ready for the ACT test.

The information I give you will be from HSLDA as well as my own personal experience. We just finished our 24th year of homeschooling and have graduated all 6 of our kids. Two of them already earned a college degree, two are currently in college, and one is pursuing a doctorate degree. My focus will be on college-bound high schoolers, but general information will apply to everyone. You do not need a reservation to attend, and you do not have to come to every meeting. If you have questions, please email me at se_amo_hannah@hotmail.com.