Testing/Grade Placement


WHEN:  May 9th & 10th  from 8:30 am-12:30 pm (approx.)

WHERE:  Candies Creek Baptist Church

WHAT:  Annual standardized testing for 3rd through High School (10th graders and above tend to take the ACT instead)

DEADLINE: March 30th


If you are interested in your student(s) taking the Stanford Achievement Test, you must fill out BJU’s 2016 Homeschool Order form.  Please follow the directions CAREFULLY.  They are very specific and must be followed exactly as set forth to ensure test confidentiality and compliance with state guidelines.

STEP 1:  Download the Order Form. 


STEP 2:  Fill out the 1st page of the order form (p. 7) with your “Customer Information.”  Make sure to SIGN THE FORM under “Homeschool Testing User Agreement”!  Under “Scheduling Information,” enter the testing dates of May 9-10, 2016.  You MUST enter this information.  You do not need to enter any information under the “Approved Tester” section unless you are an Approved Tester and have agreed to assist BCHE this year. 

STEP 3:  Skip to page 11 and choose the appropriate test in the top section.  We will only be administering the Stanford Achievement Tests, NOT the combined Stanford and Otis-Lennon.  You may choose any level to test your child, so please note the grade range for each test.  (You may choose Test Support materials on pages 8-9.  These will be sent directly to you.)

STEP 4:  Skip to page 13 and enter the totals for all the materials you are ordering.  Calculate the sales tax for SUPPORT MATERIALS ONLY at 9.75%.   No tax is required on your order of the actual standardized tests.  At the bottom of the page, indicate your method of payment and write your check to BJU Press Testing & Evaluation, or fill out the credit card info.  You must make this payable to BJU so that you will receive your child’s test score!  (DO NOT write it out to BCHE.)

STEP 5:  Write an additional check to BCHE to cover our administrative expenses (i.e. approved testers' fees, site fee, return shipping, supplies, etc.). Make this check payable to BCHE.

BCHE members = $5.50 per child

Non-members = $8.50 per child. 

STEP 6:  Mail your completed form AND payments to:

Dawn Hancock

255 Strawhill Rd

Cleveland, TN 37323

Dawn is also at the enrichment co-op on Thursdays if you would like to deliver it to her there.

All orders and payments must be RECEIVED by Wednesday, March 30th!  She cannot accept late forms since our BJU deadline is just a few days later and she will need to mail our packet of forms immediately. 

Thank you,

Andra Griffey