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CFS Poway's Co-op offers a wide variety of classes for all ages. We meet for 32 weeks of the year on Thursdays at a church in Poway from about 8:30 to 4:00. The co-op list of classes for fall comes out in mid-July and is automatically e-mailed to our members. We also have a Spring packet which is published in December and lists new classes beginning in January as well those which will accept students mid-year.

Most of our classes are parent-taught, but we also have some paid teachers from the community including Guitar teacher Jeff Bishop, Language Arts instructor Brenda Griffith, and Susan Murray from AB Fine Art Studio. The length of classes vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours. The cost per class also varies - from free for a few parent-taught classes, to as much as $400 per year for a high school class. Each participating family is required to pay a co-op facility fee that goes toward our rental fee for the church. This fee is waived for parent teachers who donate their time to teach. For more information about fees, see "Co-op fees", under Co-op Info & Classes. 

Families who participate in co-op must also be current members of CFS Poway - a $35 separate membership fee. Additionally, all families must participate by either teaching, or volunteering in another capacity. Our vision is to build relationship through fellowship and service. We require all students to have a parent on campus, for both safety, and supervision.

Our most recent co-op packet is posted on the website under "Co-op Info and Classes." If you have an idea for a co-op class, have a teacher to refer, or would like to teach a class or have other questions, please contact us at  co-op@cfspoway.org .