Our Co-op Year


Our Co-op Year


Co-op Classes

Currently, our co-op year is divided into three sessions.  See the Schedule/Forms section on the menu for schedules of each session.

1st session (Fall) -- starts in October and goes into December. 

Then we break for CHRISTmas and New Year's.  

2nd Session (Winter) -- January and February.   This second session has less class offerings due to the winter weather, but allows the older students to continue to work in their classes. 

3rd session (Spring) -- March and April.   

Spread throug-out the co-op year, we have various field trips and special events.


Sign-Up Day

Our Sign-Up Day for the coming co-op year is gnerally in May each year.  It is a tiered sign-up process, meaning those who are teaching classes for and leading the CHECCS group, sign up for classes first, followed by current members who are not teaching, followed by any newly joining members. 

If you have missed the Sign-Up Day, some teachers may take additional students past that day.  If you wish to join the group after the May Sign-Up and there are no (or few) openings in the classes, then you can still join and your students may participate in gym class, field trips, and special CHECCS events.  As a member, you will then have the opportunity to sign up for the following year's co-op classes at the May Sign-Up Day before any one who is not currently a member.  


Summer Time

During the summer months, we try to get together for swim days and/or park days once or twice  each month.