Yearly Documents Needed


Each year, members to need to complete the registration papers.  This includes a general registration form giving information about the family (name, address, birthdates/grade, etc.), our statement of faith, a member requirements form, and the CHECCS statement of purpose.   This is done at the Sign-Up Day in May or when the family joins.

Then in October, if you traditionally home educate, you will need to provide a copy of your students' letter of excuse from compulsory attendance which you will receive from your school district when you notify them of your intent to home educate.  If you use an on-line public community school, you will then need to provide a copy of your student's account information which shows the current school year as well as the student's name.  This document is due to the CHECCS Administrator by October 31st of each year (or at the time you join if it is mid-year).