Portfolio Assessors in the Area


This page is to give you information on portfolio assessments

and a list of local assessors.


If you are home educating your children (ie, not using an online, public charter school), then with each subsequent notification (ie, not the very first time you notify) you must include ONE of the following:

  • The overall result of a nationally normed standardized achievement test (such as the Stanford)  OR
  •  A letter from a an Ohio licensed or certified teacher stating they have reviewed a portfolio of the student's work and that the child is working according to their ability  OR
  • Something else that you and the principal have pre-agreed upon.


Many home educating families use option #2, portfolio assessments/written narratives, particularly when their children are younger.  Any teacher with a current, valid Ohio teaching degree or certificate can review a child's work.

Please keep in mind that there is no one way to assess a child.  Most homeschool families search for an assesor who is knowledgeable about home education and friendly toward their way of homeschooling.  As you search for an assessor, you may want to have a list of questions ready to ask assessors concerning their method of assessing.   Such questions might include:

Are they ___unschool / literature-based / Charlotte Mason , etc.___ friendly? 

What is the cost?  Do they offer a multi-child discount?

Do the children need to be present?  Will the children be asked questions? If so, what kind of questions?

Will the assessor need to see whole, completed workbooks or just a sampling work for each subject from the beginning, middle, and end of the year?

Is it OK to bring pictures of projects and field trips?

How much time will it take?  How soon can I expect to receive the form I need to submit to my local superintendent?

Where can the assessment be done? Will you have to drive to their homes or can you meet at a local McDonald's or park or library?

Just remember:  Assessors only need to sign a statement that says the child is working according to his ability.  They needn't say anything about the child's grade level.   Here is a form you can print out for them to sign after they review the portfolio or they can provide their own, similar form.


Below is a list of assesors in our area.  There are likely others.

Cindy Hrusch:  A Christian homeschool mom who does appointments in the Louisville, Minerva, Alliance, and surrounding areas.  Discount for multi-children.  Contact Cindy at   CindyHrusch "at"  yahoo  "dot" com

Lisa McNutt:  Does appointments in the Canton area.  Contact Lisa at    WerNutts "at"  yahoo  "dot" com

Karen Roloff:  A Christian homeschool mom who does appointments in the New Philadelphia and surrounding areas.  Contact Karen at    KRoloff "at"  yahoo  "dot" com

(On the e-mail addressed listed, remember to remove all spaces and to convert the words in the quotes.)


Becky Boerner's site has some Q&As concerning Portfolio Assessment which you might want to read.   Also on her menu at the top is information to help you decide whether to do an assessment or to do a standardized test.