Reclaiming the Dramatic Arts for Christ

Beginning in 2010, a small group of dedicated home schooled young people banded together in an effort to counter the culture crisis. It was, and is, CounterACT's goal to use thought-provoking Christian dramas to minister to the Body of Christ by showing them a picture of what He can do in their lives. CounterACT's mission statement is embodied in the words of Alvin Brandt:

"Here the purpose is not to entertain, although many such plays are entertaining, but to relate the church's teachings to the drama of everyday living."

The drama ministry of CounterACT is growing to encompass several different styles of theatre:


Candle Light Dinner Theatre

Wholesome, family-friendly entertainment for the community
**currently rehearsing "Club Family  - coming this spring**
Drama Ministry Team
Bringing short, thought-provoking dramas to the Body of Christ

Full-length shows that edify and inspire both the audience and the actors

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Contact Director Georgianna Mills for additional information at VaCounterACT@gmail.com