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Hi All

Here are some more extra stuff. Since there is significant interest, I'll post
any future updates to the group.

Just to clarify, as some asked if exams are tough - the APs are qualifying
exams for university admissions, however, students take them in secondary or
high school, some starting in junior high. Good to have a proper foundation,
enough preparation, start with fewer than 2 a year, and sciences before
humanities. You will be surprised what your teenager is capable of through
disciplined, independent study. And can take again !

Even with scores of 3, IMHO, I would apply to the local universities, especially
if faculties are those other than Medicine, Dentistry, Law, BizAd and Arts &
Social Sc. ( For NUS, the cutoff grades based on A Levels are AAB , urgh!! )

I feel it is easier as there are no physical lab exams; yet student does not
really lose out in knowledge. The virtual labs are really cool - you have to
pick the right instruments, wait for glucose to turn colour, watch detailed lab
demonstrations by professionals, analyse data and write formal lab reports. It
saves a lot of time especially for children who rather not dissect smelly dead
things, and who are heading for non-science faculties. For more hands-on kids,
the complete kit is easily purchased. MOE's requirement for O levels is that
private candidates take lab classes at institutions for at least a year before
the written exams. For 2 or 3 sciences, that's a lot of time! I remember in JC,
I had 1 free period in the whole week, aside from 20-minute lunches.

Okay, before I continue to ramble on ....

To readmore about the exams (which are given separately by subject) take a look
at the College Board's website. AP info is found here:
http://www.collegeb oard.com/ student/testing/ ap/about. html

Info on NUS admissions :
http://www.nus. edu.sg/oam/ apply/local/ admissionreq/ BYA-admission. html

(this is for local applicants, Singapore citizens and PRs)

Info on SMU admissions :
http://www.smu. edu.sg/admission s/pages/apply_ to_smu/Apply- to-SMU_P5_ HowApply. asp

Registration & Testing Centres for AP Exams :
Exams held 1st 2 weeks in May annually
Registration starts end Feb to early March

A few local JCs administer the exams annually. RJC holds the written exams and
accepts private candidates. In recent years, it has held around 15 different AP
exams - the core subjects (essentially with A level equivalent-counterp art) such
as 3 sciences, 2 maths, 6 humanities, English, including AP US History and
Gov't/Politics. RJC does not facilitate exams which require submission of music
recordings, portfolios etc such as AP Music Theory, AP Studio Art, or ones
which require oral/listening comprehension such as AP Chinese, AP French or AP
Spanish etc.

For these, at present, register at MACEE, the Malaysian-American Commission on
Educational Exchange, KL, Jln Bukit Bintang. www.macee.org. my/04_main. htm . It
holds the full exams.

Local private centre for AP courses, and tuition
www.figlearningcent re.com
The owner/tutor was recently recommended by a homeschool mum to have been an
excellent help to her son. From next year, the centre may not be coordinating
the exams as the local Junior Colleges register the private candidates. However,
tuition services for 3 sciences and 2 math subjects continue to be available.

For online AP courses:
http://www.hslda. org/highschool/ curriculum. asp

Many of the online state highschools offer AP courses.

For study guides and aids:
Search www.amazon.com for a start.
The Princeton Review Series is well recommended.

Curricula as a foundation for AP exams
Good to plan 7th and 8th grade courses with AP in mind.

1) Math - Any solid program covering 4-year secondary math eg, Saxon, Singapore
Math can lead to AP Calculus/AP Statistics
2) English - Most curricula; however writing component is important so good to
do writing course before AP English Language&Compositio n
3) Science - Apologia is one which expressly represents that 2 years each of
Chemistry, Biology and Physics cover AP content
For online live courses - www.Apologiaacademy .com
For recorded courses - www.redwagontutoria ls.com (self-paced; cheaper;
instructor is Apologia staff)
Before attempting an AP science course/exam, any of the other curricula such
as Abeka Biology, BJU Physics etc should be a good foundational course.

The Potter's School (www.pottersschool. org)
This is an American online tutorial service for primarily homeschoolers through
weekly live sessions. We found this to be a tremendous support; the technology
is excellent (whiteboard, video clips, chat, calculator, student presentations on
mike, online homework and tests submission) , courses are good quality with
supportive, well-qualified instructors, a highly regarded, rigorous English
program, and many elective/worldview courses that will not otherwise be
available to us locally.

Curriculum - US content from Christian Worldview, subject content support AP
exams, assistance and direction from tutors if taking AP exams at end of course.
Science - Apologia; Math - UCMSP (University of Chicago Math School Project)
Follows US school calendar (Sep - May), Semester 2 courses available for