Friday Arts and Fun

Friday Arts and Fun reflects the vision and mission of Home Front Educators. Friday Arts and Fun started ten years ago in the fall of 2003 with 24 families and 4 classes.

We support all families in their endeavors to educate their children in the manner God directs them. We hope to enhance the education occurring at home, and provide specialized classes that may be more difficult for families to provide at home. By providing these classes in a group setting in which like-minded individuals can get to know and support one another, we create an environment that fosters success, friendship and true community. We operate using Christian beliefs found in the Judeo-Christian Holy Scriptures and classes may include prayer and teaching from these scriptures.

FAF Registration Checklist

Here you will find links and reminders for signing up for classes and checking class information. If you have need of further details check out our help page.

Reminders : Be sure to . . .

  • Sign up for volunteer hours.
  • Pay your HFE Membership Fee (due once a year).
  • Pay your FAF semester registration fee (due twice a year).

Teachers Checklist

  • Teacher Contract

You must be a member of Home Front Educators to take classes at FAF. Payment for Home Front Educators membership (if not already paid) and Friday Arts and Fun fees are required to sign up for classes.

Classes will be held at Grace Evangelical Free Church, 21129 Timberlake Road, next to McDonalds. Payment is due on the first Friday of each month. Please note these dates on your calendar and pay your teachers on time. Thank You.

Registration is necessary every semester, even if the class is a continuation from the previous semester. Your child's enrollment depends on this. With few exceptions, class membership is taken on a first come basis from the registration date. Registration is now available on-line. Please check the website for information on registration for the upcoming semester.

*Members must be up-to-date on payments for the previous semester's classes in order to register for the upcoming semester.

Cancellations Notes

Whenever classes are canceled on a particular day due to weather, teacher illness, or other issues, the details will be posted on the home page by 8am class day.