A Typical Day

We meet Wednesday mornings from 9:15 till 11:45.

Children Ages 4-6

Our pre-K and Kindergarten age kids have an exciting and interactive morning filled with stories, crafts, creative play and opportunities to make friends. Some of the favorite activities of this group are championing obstacle courses and making funny puppets. Snack time is also a favorite! 

Children ages 6-9

Our first-third grade kids start out the day in their classroom in a welcome activity that brings the group together, warming them up for day's activities. Children then move into a large activity room where kids can play large muscle games like Where the Wind Blows and Fish Across the Ocean.  The next 20 minutes are spent engaged in friendship activities:  snack and sharing.  Sharing time varies from bringing in a photo of a family vacation to a treasured, favorite book. The next hour together, students will get involved in some creative time together. Often the students are challenged to solve problems or work together as teams. 

Children ages 10-13

Our middle school age kids are a social group who love the chance to work together creating ideas, solving problems, and overcoming challenges. We start each morning with an "ice breaker" style game to loosen everyone up and get them focused on the planned activities for the day. During the next section, students engage in a variety of activities which all work together within our theme for the year. Sometimes students are writing and acting out commercials, competing in game shows, solving problems while on a City Council, or scripting a news broadcast.  Next, students get to relax together and have a snack. Lastly, students go to the large activity room and play some fun group games together.

At 11:40, all classrooms move to the large activity room where we meet together for announcements of coming field trips and events, share what each class did that day, and celebrate our kids' birthdays.