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What We Offer

  • Family Fellowship (2nd weekend of the month): A time to fellowship together as families, get updates on the group, and enjoy a family activity (e.g., potluck, games, movie, worship/prayer, etc.).  This is our version of "Park Day" so that more dads have the option of joining us.
  • Dads' Den (4th Saturday of the month): Encouraging and equipping men as they lead their families.  Some months dads and kids gather for an activity such as sports, camping, service project, etc. Other months just dads get together for a time of mutual encouragement and edification.
  • Moms' Night Out: (3rd Tuesday of the month): Where moms can share their joys and struggles and receive encouragement for the homeschooling journey.  Different topics are covered each month, from sharing holiday traditions to ideas for homeschooling struggling learners, etc.
  • Teen Group: Meets monthly for varying activities (games, sports, movies, outings, etc) to grow friendships and create memories. Teens take turns planning the events and 2 parents chaperone each event. 
  • Field Trips
  • Workshops: Providing resources and equipping parents in their homeschooling journey (e.g., Record-Keeping, Homeschooling Big Ones with Little Ones Underfoot, etc.)
  • Special Events (e.g., Christmas Celebration, Showcase, etc.)
  • Yearbook

(Note: Most of our events are private, members-only events and so will not appear on the Public Calendar. However, our Family Fellowships are always open to guests, so feel free to stop by -- we'd love to meet you!)