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If you have questions about GBACH or would like to contact GBACH, please email the GBACH board at [email protected]


If you have WEBSITE questions please contact the web team at  [email protected]



If you have questions regarding schooling a specific grade, please contact one (or more) of the following people:

It's okay if you don't know who to check... just pick one, they're all nice!


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Jennifer Lyons (K-3) Jennifer Cortright (K-3)
Natalie Gremore (K-3) Amber Pascoe (K-3)
Kristine Hagen (K-3) RaeAnn Brehm (4-8)
Natalie Gremore (4-8) Amber Pascoe (4-8)
Lori Blean (9-12) Amy Hilton (9-12)
Jennifer Nelson (9-12) Mary Pfantz (9-12)
Tina Hollenbeck (All Grades) Vashni Seither (All Grades)
Mary Bowers (All grades) Rebecca Stonebraker (All Grades)

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