Supporting and promoting the home education of school-age children by their parents according to the admonition of the Bible                     

The DasCHE Scholastic Co-op operates from September to May each year. New members are only accepted from May to July; no new members are accepted during the school year.

If you would like to apply to the Scholastic Co-op, here is the basic process:

A.       Look at the Course Descriptions  & Tutor Bios.  See link on lower portion of this page.

B.        Attend one of the 3 new family information meetings held between May and July (see schedule below); applications are only made available to parents who have attended one of these meetings.  ***Please note that tutors only attend the meeting in May.

C.        Join the DasCHE home school association by clicking on Request Membership and paying the $35 annual dues. 

Membership in DasCHE is required in order to participate in the Scholastic Co-op.

D.        After your membership in DasCHE is approved, complete the 2013-14 DasCHE Scholastic Co-op New Family Application.

E.        On the link below, read the 2013-14 Co-op Handbook.

F.        Attend a family interview with members of the Co-op Management Team

G.        Receive a letter/email of acceptance.

H.        Set up Service Hours and pay 2013-14 Co-op Application Fee according to the following schedule:

- $85 by May 31, 2013

- $95 by June 30, 2013

- $105 by July 18 2013

***A $50 ADMINISTRATIVE LATE FEE will be assessed after the July 18th deadline, IF application is approved.

I.       REGISTRATION for NEW  FAMILIES will be Tuesday, August 13, 2013 @  Duncanville Church of Christ at  7:30 PM

        J.   If you are home schooling anyone other than your own dependent child/children for this co-op or if you are having  someone else home school your children, both families will be required to join DasCHE and pay the applicable fees.  Both families MAY also be required to attend a DasCHE Co-op INTERVIEW if either one of the families is new to DasCHE.

 For 2013-2014:

The Co-op Calendar shows the dates for next year's classes as well as New Family Meetings, etc...
The Co-op Schedule shows courses that will be offered next year.
The Course Descriptions contain information about the content of courses, cost, supplies, etc.
The Co-op Handbook contains policies, procedures, frequently asked questions, and more.


May 9, 2013    6:00 pm  Co-op Open House (the Grace Place, Duncanville, TX)

               7:00 pm  New Family Meeting (the Grace Place, Duncanville, TX)

June 13, 2013   7:00 pm    New Family Meeting (Duncanville Church of Christ, The Grace Place)

July 11, 2013   7:00 pm    New Family Meeting (Duncanville Church of Christ, The Grace Place)

Tuesday, August  13, 2013   Co-op Registration at Duncanville Church of Christ

                                                     (The Grace Place)                                   

Returning Families at 7:00 pm                 New Families at 7:30 pm


Many thanks to Progesoft and ProgeCAD for their generous donation of software for Mr. Walle's classes!  Our students are learning Computer-aided Design (CAD) with their excellent software!



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