More About Us.....

We’re glad you are interested in learning more about our group!  We hope this answers many of
your questions:

I.  Typical Activities:  Activities tend to change periodically based on what members are interested in leading.  We are fortunate to have members who have graciously “stepped up” to leadership roles, and we greatly appreciate their efforts.  Activities offered include longer term “subgroups”, field trips, parties/social events for children, and support events for the homeschooling parent.  Most events are held in the Clear Lake area, but field trips have been as far away as the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham.  All activities are optional, and there are more things offered than any one family could physically do – so members pick and choose what best fits the needs of their family. 

Please Note:  If we cannot find a volunteer to coordinate or help with a particular activity, the activity will not take place. 

    Subgroups: Subgroups that have been offered for several years include Keepers at Home, Contenders of the Faith, and Homeschool PE.  Recent additions include a Charlotte Mason group and subgroups based on age, from teens to toddlers.

    Field Trips:  Field trips vary significantly from year-to-year.  We have a Field Trip Committee
that sets up some of the field trips for the group and acts as coaches to help members coordinate an event through our website.  Past trips have included the 1940 Air Terminal Museum, Moody Gardens, Miller Outdoor Theater, Dewberry Farm, Sam Houston Boat Tour, JSC Credit Union tour, strawberry picking, grocery store tours, AD Players performances, Houston Zoo, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Houston Federal Reserve Bank Tour, One Room Schoolhouse Historical Tour, George Ranch, Bayou Wildlife Park, the Downtown Aquarium, and the Galveston Baywatch Dolphin Tour.    

    Parties/Social Events:  GCCHS generally holds several parties/social events per year including a Thanksgiving potluck, a Christmas party with service opportunities, a Valentine’s Day social, and an End-of-Year party.

    Homeschooling Parent Support Events: While our group does not offer consistent, regular support events just for homeschooling parents, members tend to periodically coordinate an evening for Mom’s Night Out dinner, Bunko, scrapbooking or similar activities to encourage communication and support.  Additionally, as a group, we reach out to member families in need and support them as appropriate.

    Community Activities & Other Events:  In addition to the above activities lead by our members, our group posts extensive information via our website on events open to homeschoolers throughout the community.  These include such things as homeschool bowling, tennis, museum classes, and Space Center Houston Homeschool Day. We also notify members of valuable educational activities/events open to everyone including events like Family Space Day, Pizza Hut Reading Programs, and the Texas Renaissance Festival School Days program.

Please Note: While our group offers a wonderful set of opportunities, many events have a size limit
for logistics or safety reasons.  It is not unusual for groups and activities to fill up.  When this
happens, we encourage members to help coordinate an additional event.

II.  GCCHS, Inc. Website: GCCHS, Inc. does all communication via our website; we do not have a monthly newsletter and do not mail correspondence to our members.  Our website capabilities are provided by the company Homeschool-Life, and the pages are populated with information by our volunteer website administrator and other volunteers.  Members are able to add information to certain pages, and are even able to make their own simple family webpage (which is password protected) to share with family & friends.  Here are the key functions our website provides members:

    Calendar: This is an interactive calendar providing a listing of all events.  Locations, links to maps, and on-line field trip sign-ups (with the ability to see who else is attending) are provided through the calendar.  Upcoming events and events for which you signed up appear on the home page when you log in for easy reminders.  You also receive in your e-mail a weekly summary of the upcoming events.

    Members: The website includes an on-line membership directory. 

    Forum:  This is the key communication mechanism.  Topics are called “threads”.  Members can start a thread and/or post to an existing thread on the website, and the message is sent to all members’ e-mail addresses.  Members can choose to get each message as it is sent or as a daily summary.  Forum traffic tends to include a wide variety of group member questions, helpful hints, support requests, general announcements, and field trip notifications.   

    Newsletters/Files:  Since GCCHS, Inc.  is a member of SETHSA (South East Texas Home School Association), as a member of GCCHS you are automatically considered a member of SETHSA.  The SETHSA monthly newsletters are posted on our website.  Any useful files such as the GCCHS, Inc. membership card (which can get you discounts at various stores by proving you are an educator) are also posted.

    GCCHS, Inc. Check-out Resources:  GCCHS, Inc. has a library of useful resources available for checkout – items like SETHSA conference speakers and other informative topics.

    Classifieds:  Members are able to buy and sell to each other.

    Photo Gallery:  Pictures from field trips and events are posted periodically.

    Links: This web page provides an extensive listing of very helpful homeschooling websites for both the new homeschooler and the more-experienced homeschooler.

    Member Recommendations:  A wealth of information gleaned from our forum - members recommend things from home contractors and doctors, to hairdressers and various classes for your student. 

III. Leadership:  Our 7 member volunteer Steering Committee (SC) consists of a Chair, Assistant Chair, Website Administrator, Treasurer, New Member Coordinator, Homeschooling Mentor, and Field Trip Committee Representative.  The SC is elected each April by voting by current members.  The key functions the SC provides include organizing the annual August Kick-Off meeting, allocating the budget, managing the GCCHS, Inc. website, maintaining group policies, and addressing group recommendations and concerns.  Decisions for GCCHS, Inc. are made by the Steering Committee by a 2/3-majority agreement.  The Steering Committee may, at their discretion, bring issues to the entire membership for voting. 

So, that’s it for the highlights of our group.  We hope that this information has been helpful, and
that your homeschooling journey is a wonderful blessing to you and your family.

Happy Homeschooling!