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Dr. or Mr. or Ms. (full name) Superintendent
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Dear Mr. _________

This letter will serve to inform you that I will be the administrator of a home-based private educational program beginning on (date). I am the parent (or guardian) of (give the names of children who have been attending the local public school. For a child who has not been attending the local public school, give only the information that will be on the PI-1206, that is, the child?s gender and grade) who will be enrolled.

I have read Wisconsin law concerning home-based private educational programs and am in full compliance with the law. I will send form PI-1206 to the DPI on or before October 15th. (Or, if you are withdrawing a student from school, you can state you have already sent the form and received confirmation of its receipt.) Under Wisconsin law, it is not necessary for you to receive a copy of this form from DPI before I begin homeschooling.

Thank you for ?? (a sentence of appreciation here if your student has been in school would be honorable. Though everything may not have been as you wished, no doubt some dedicated teachers or administrators have worked with your student at some point, and should be applauded. You don?t know what the future holds ? if you send your student back to this school someday, you don?t want to have ended the relationship on a sour note.)

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