Since 1989, Eastside Explorers has served homeschooling families in the northeast Phoenix/Scottsdale area in the name of Christ.

Our events include: Fall Kick-Off, Spelling Bee, Science Fair, History Fair, Art Fair, Talent show, Piano recital, Mom's Nights Out, Field Trips, Family Fun Events and more! We create a full-color yearbook each year, with school photos, family pages and photos from each of our events.

Our support group co-op thrives when our members jump in to participate in areas in which they enjoy and/or have specific gifts and talents. 

We unashamedly believe in the gospel message as presented in the Bible. We seek to offer the grace that we have received to others, in our attitudes and in our actions.

We honor each family's choice regarding the specifics of their home school (curriculum and methodology) and enjoy discussing the myriad of options available only when asked. We are committed to "love one another" as Jesus loves us.

You are invited to prayerfully consider linking arms and hearts with us.