“Thank You”

These words hardly seem like enough to express our gratitude and gratefulness to the dedicated coaches of FEAST.
These incredible men and women of God have dedicated their time, resources, energy and prayers to
benefit the skills and character of our children. Please join us in praying for continued strength and provision for the coaches and their families.

Thank you, to all of our FEAST fall sport coaches:

Commissioner:  Don Miller

Varsity Football

Head Coach:  Michael Dagerath

Full Time Assistants

Albert Rabago

Bret Burton

Mike Jones

Part Time Assistants

Rush Cone

Don Miller


Middle School Football

Head Coach:  Michael Vaughn

Full Time Assistants

Brant Ramey

Joe Pruett

Kendall Hancock

Part Time Assistants

Tony Pradia

Fred Beyer

James Fierros


FEAST Football has started in good
form for the 2010 season

The Junior Varsity team opened the season on Friday, August 27 with a 24-12 win versus SA Atonement. 
The game had many twists and turns, but in the 4th quarter the FEAST Patriots secured the win with a touchdown pass  from Marshall Burton to Tim Muenzler.
    The FEAST Varsity traveled to West Colombia for their season opener in a rematch of the teams in last year’s TCAL Division I Championship game.  As in the Championship game, FEAST prevailed and won the game 32-24. The temperature on the turf of the field during the game was 135?F. Hot was a relative term. The Patriots were in great condition from all their practices and in the second half they were able to secure the win. Outstanding efforts from several players helped FEAST provide the defense to hold a talented West Columbia team to only 24 points.
    The Middle School teams get into game action the first 2 weeks of September.
    All the players have been practicing hard in the Texas heat. The players are ready and willing to demonstrate their football skills against other teams. Check for game times and locations. Come out and support the Patriots this year. It promises to be an exciting season.
-Coach Michael  Dagerath

Well, you can’t ask for a better season than the FEAST high school football team had this past year. Our team motto for this sea­son was taken from Paul’s letter to the Philippians (Philippians 4:11-12): In Victory, Humility; In Defeat, Thanksgiving. Although we did not experi­ence a defeat this season on the Varsity schedule we are indeed very thankful to the LORD for the blessing of this season. The Varsity and JV played a combined 23 games (15 Varsity and 8 JV) with the JV players getting playing opportunities in many Varsity games. With practices only 3 days a week (for most of the season) the team made the most of each practice to focus on improving their skills. If we had to highlight one regular season game, it had to be the re-match against Our Lady of the Hills. FEAST had a multitude of fans in the stands at Kerrville and our fans were not only football families but fans from all over FEAST. Although many fans began to worry when we were down 28-6 in the first half the team did not lose focus. They stayed with their plan and made a great comeback that left their opponents wondering what happened between the first quarter and the final score (64-40). Of course, there is no doubt that winning the state championship against a very tough and talented West Columbia was equally exciting. The team had 22 players on the combined Varsity/JV roster with 9 returning players to the squad. We are graduating 6 seniors (Aaron Macias, An­thony Huber, Caleb Miller, Ruben Rogerio, Jamey Atchley, and Colton O’Neal) this year including a core group that has been playing together since middle school (Aaron Macias, Caleb Miller, Anthony Huber, and Ruben Rogerio, and Josh Hogan who will be returning next year). Returning lettermen include Alex Baca, Josh Hogan, Jonathan Huber, Tim Muenzler, and Albert Robago. The Varsity went undefeated this year with another Ironman Championship and T-CAL State Division I Championship.
 FEAST also had 7 TCAL All State players selected, they are mentioned above.
Thank You!
A great deal of thanks goes to all the dads and moms who are themselves available throughout the year to make the team’s year such a great memory and fellowship building time…A special thank you to Tina Rogerio for stepping up to the task of team mom….Thanks to Roel Rogerio, Stephan Porter, James Yglesias, Albert Robago, Rick Huber, and Nathan Macias for their help in making this the best season ever for sixman football at FEAST. ~ Coach Miller

October 3, 2009 · FEAST Patriots 6 vs. Concordia Lutheran 32 · “B” Game · San Antonio, Texas
    It was a cool, rainy start to this Saturday morning game as the Patriots hosted the Cardinals from Concordia Lutheran. The Cardinals got off to a quick start by running the ball to pick up a touchdown on their opening drive of the game. Patriots responded with a run of their own by #14 Wade Nadler but could not convert on downs giving the ball back to Concordia. Cardinals again wasted no time in driving to the end zone totaling up another 7 points in the process. The Patriot defense struggled to hold back that offensive line for the Cardinals and while the Patriot offense was able to dig their cleats in and run the ball for slight gains here and there - they were never able to get across the goal line and pick up a much needed score in the first half. At halftime the score was 26-0 Cardinals.
    But there was still a full half a game left to play and you just knew the Patriots were going to come out tough to start the 3rd quarter. And that’s exactly what they did! There was some more hard nosed running by #22 Jonathon Martinez who was able to barrel his way at times and penetrate the defense. It was beginning to look up for the Patriots as they were finally starting to move the ball again! The defense came out to make a stand as well in the 3rd quarter, buckling down to make some stops when they needed it most. Just three plays into it, #22 Jonathon Martinez delivered a hard hit to a Cardinal running back knocking the ball lose which was then quickly recovered by #15 Andrew Vaughan - giving the ball back to the Patriots. Two plays later #24 Jeremy Dagerath was able to shake off 2 defenders and get a nice pass off to #32 Graham Burton for the catch and a run to the goal line for the first Patriot score of the game! (It was great to have Jeremy back in action with the team after missing the first half of the season with a broken ankle!) The Cardinals responded quickly on the next possession with another score of their own making the score 32-6 at the end of the 3rd Quarter.
    The 4th Quarter proved to be the best quarter yet for the Patriots this game as they continued to play hard and grind it out. Just a minute in #24 Jeremy Dagerath was again able to scramble at the line of scrimmage until he found #15 Andrew Vaughan down field for a completion in traffic and the first down! Next possession they went the same route with #24 Jeremy Dagerath again finding #15 Andrew Vaughan for another completed pass and a pick up of about 10 yards. The Patriots were on the move! However, the Cardinals were able to intercept the ball on the next play of the game forcing the Patriots back on defense once again. The Patriots continued to dig deep and come up with key defensive plays with contributions from #4 Alex Vega, #9 Jacob Whiten, and #32 Graham Burton each resulting in Cardinal turnovers. However, they were unable to capitalize on those turnovers and the game ended with a Cardinal win.
    It wasn’t a win for this young Patriot line up, but they showed true grit by holding the Cardinals to just one score in the entire second half after their explosive start to the game. They also showed improvement on both sides of the ball and will only continue to learn and get better as they work hard and play together as a team.  Keep up the good work, Patriots!

October 6, 2009 · FEAST Patriots 19 vs. AustinVeritas 21 · “B” Game · San Antonio, Texas

The players and parents from both teams were relaxed and ready to play just before kick off and with pleasant, breezy weather forecasted for the evening - spirits were high and teams were ready to go!  It was shaping up to be a great night for football!
     Both teams went 3 and out on their opening possessions of the game thanks to some terrific defense at the start. For the Patriots, #9 Jacob Whiten had two key tackles in a row to force the Eagles into punting right away. It seemed sure to be a good match up between these two teams! After recovering a Patriot fumble early on, Veritas continued to wrestle against the Patriot defense - unable to complete a pass down field due to good coverage - they tried to run the ball but came face to face with #2 Seth Pruett instead who was able to wrap up the play for a loss of yards bringing up 4th down. Next possession they went to their running game again, needing at least 6 yards to pick up the 1st down but they would not get it as #32 Graham Burton made a clean sideline tackle out of bounds giving the ball back to the Patriots.  Just 2 plays later starting at midfield, with defensive pressure mounting, #32 Graham Burton was able to complete a quick pass just in time to #15 Andrew Vaughan who was able to fake out a defender and run it the distance for the first Patriot score of the game! The extra point attempt would be stopped just short of the goal line, however, making the score 6-0 Patriots at the end of the 1st Quarter.
     But Veritas responded well to begin the 2nd quarter with a nice run of their own - resulting in their first score just two plays later. The extra point attempt was good putting the Defenders up by 1. Patriots came out firing again, this time with a quick pass to #2 Seth Pruett for a short gain of about 5 yards. That led to another tough run by #32 Graham Burton moving the ball ever closer to the end zone. With careful execution and fierce determination, that effort would pay off for the Patriots two plays later as #14 Wade Nadler demonstrated some savvy running ability as he darted in and out of traffic to cross the goal line for another Patriot touchdown!  The Patriots went back to Wade on the extra point attempt and it was good - putting the Patriots up by 6. Veritas would make another hard run right before the end of the 2nd Quarter, but the Patriot defense stepped up once again to prevent the pass down field with an interception by #14 Wade Nadler and another one just minutes later by #2 Seth Pruett. And that’s how the first half would end with the Patriots up by 6.
     Veritas received the kick to begin the second half and came out with a long opening drive, punching the ball down the field, each time gaining the ground they needed to keep it in their possession. That drive resulted in another touchdown for Veritas putting them up now by 1. The action was back and forth until Veritas was able to give themselves a little breathing room by taking control of the ball on their side of the field after recovering a Patriot fumble. That one play paid off big in the end as they would go on to score just two plays later putting the Defenders on top with a score of 21-13. But the Patriots weren’t done yet and proved it just a few plays later when #24 Jeremy Dagerath willed his way down the sideline on 4th down picking up much more than just yardage but also adding to the scoreboard with another Patriot touchdown!  We decided to try for the 2 point attempt but the kick was blocked leaving the Defenders on top with a 2 point edge and the ball back in their possession with just 2:14 left in the game. The Patriots were going to need a big defensive stop to earn another shot at offense, but with just 46 seconds left, the Defenders found an open lane picking up the first down and shutting down any opportunity for the Patriots to overcome the deficit. The final score was 21-19 Veritas.
     This was a close one all the way to the end. Both teams played extremely hard and exhibited excellent sportsmanship right down to the last whistle. Way to go Patriots!
October 8, 2009 · FEAST Patriots 48 vs. Winston School 0 · Game # 5 · San Antonio, Texas
    The Patriots jumped out to a commanding lead in this game with everybody getting involved early on.  Both the Patriot offense and defense came out firing on all four cylinders as they were able to move the ball up and down the field consistently and stop any sort of Winston rally. It seemed to be a night for “double takes” as well with several players getting into the end zone more than once: #20 Levi Day, #11 David Snelling, and #12 Jonathon Dagerath. #36 Johnny Porter added to the scoreboard with a run of his own in teh second half and late in the 4th quarter, #7 Stephen Deverter was given the chance to run the ball and got his first touchdown of the season!
    The Patriot team was no doubt inspired by the return of #30 Zachary Grove to the sideline. After suffering a broken arm the week before, he was there again, cast and all, rooting his teammates on. The spirit of camaradrie runs deep here and having the team back together again was certainly a lift. Way to go Patriots - keep it up - just 3 weeks left!
October 13, 2009 · FEAST Patriots 41 at CASA Rams 20 · Game #6 · San Antonio, Texas
   The Patriots and Rams were suited up and sweating profusely long before kick off ever arrived on this sultry October night!  There was an air of mystery surrounding the field as neither team had played each other before. It would be a good opportunity for the Rams in their first year of Middle School football to see exactly how they match up - and they certainly did not disappoint!  It turned out to be a great game with many twists and turns and both teams grinding it out all the way to the end.
    While the Patriot offense was able to put numbers on the scoreboard, the Rams always seemed to have an answer of their own - many times pushing the ball across the goal line and adding to their side with 6 more points. #12 Jonathon Dagerath had a huge running game on this night for the Patriots chalking up a total of 5 touchdowns! But as usual, it was a complete team effort with everyone getting involved on both offense and defense. #20 Levi Day also found a way to shake off the Ram defense early on in the game and scramble across the goal line scoring 6 more points for his team.  However, the Rams were tough and just continued to drive the ball and make tackles as well - it was a hard fought game all the way to the finish. Many times the Patriot defense was forced to step up in an especially big way to stop the Rams on 4th down as they attempted to march their way down field.  But thanks to some good ole’ fashioned fundamental tackling and team work - the Patriots were able to get their stops and come out on top.
    It was a great game complete with high octane offense and tough nosed defense. Neither team let up or let down persevering until the very last whistle signaled the end of the game.  Way to dig deep Patriots—just two weeks to go!
October 22, 2009 · FEAST Patriots 42 vs. Shepherd of the Hills 0 · Game # 7 · San Antonio, Texas
     After an exciting victory for the B team just minutes before, the A team was geared up on the sideline ready to see some action as well! Fortunately they would not have to wait long, as they were set to receive the kick off to start the game. After the kick, the ball was picked up by #20 Levi Day who managed to run it halfway down the field before having it stripped from his grasp, only to bounce around on the field and then right back into his arms! He continued his nifty run all the way to the end zone for the first Patriot score of the game! The Patriots decided to kick the extra point attempt and #31 Josh Seaman was able to put it right down the middle of the uprights giving the Patriots another 2 points!  It was time for the defense to take to the field and they were very quick to the ball on every play, keeping the Rams penned up in the back field and forcing them to punt on 4th down. The Patriots would then capitalize on the opportunity with a couple of runs again by #20 Levi Day to set up the next Patriot touchdown. The drive concluded with a nice catch in the end zone by #36 Johnny Porter! The Ram offense certainly had their hands full with a swarming Patriot defense and just a few plays later - they were forced to kick it away again. The Patriots would score again - this time with a quick dash by #36 Johnny Porter as he outran the defense to cross the goal line. The Patriots would close the 1st half with some more power running by #31 Josh Seaman and #12 Jonathon Dagerath as the clock ran out going into halftime with a score of 21-0.
     The Ram offense would rally to start the 3rd quarter as they came out with a surge of energy, but in the end this Patriot defense would just be too much to overcome. With the ball back in their possession, the Patriots #36 Johnny Porter was able to scramble a bit before finding #31 Josh Seaman in the end zone for another Patriot touchdown!  Josh continued to add to the scoreboard for the Patriots with another point after kick giving them a solid lead. The Rams stayed positive throughout, but just were not able to gain any ground. The Patriots were able to wrap things up with another run by #11 David Snelling who managed to wind his way down field zig-zagging in and out of traffic for the final score of the game.
     This win secured first place in the South Division for the Patriots earning them a spot in the Championship game Saturday night, October 31 at 7pm versus Hill Country Christian School. It looks to be a very exciting match up for both teams as they take to the field to determine the CTFC Champion for 2009. To mark the occasion, Coach Dagerath received the honorary “Gatorade bath” from his players after the game!  Way to go, Patriots!
October 22, 2009 · FEAST Patriots 36 vs. Shepherd of the Hills 18 · “B game“ · San Antonio, Texas
     The Patriots got off to a very quick start in this game as they flew out of the gates on opening kickoff, to race down field and defend the return!  It seemed their surge just might have caught the Rams slightly off guard as they fumbled the ball down around the 30 yard line which was quickly recovered by #15 Andrew Vaughan - Patriot ball! The very next play, on 1st down, the ball was handed off to #14 Wade Nadler who managed to cut it in and down the sideline for the first score of the game! They went back to Wade on the extra point attempt and he was able to punch it in giving the Patriots a 7-0 lead early in the game!
     The Rams decided to keep it on the ground with their opening drive, picking up the 1st down and moving the ball well initially, but were finally unable to convert on 4th down - giving the ball back to the Patriot offense who did not waste any time getting back to work. Two plays later, they went again to #14 Wade Nadler who barreled his way into the depths of the Ram defense. He looked to be stopped short, but with the help of his teammates and plenty of determination - was able to keep his legs moving. He pushed it through the pile and across the goal line for another Patriot score! The Rams responded with some determination of their own, however, and were able to break free in the 2nd quarter to pick up their first score of the game making it 13-6. On the ensuing kickoff, #15 Andrew Vaughan ran it straight up the sideline before being knocked out of bounds giving the Patriots good field possession to begin their next possession. They decided to keep it on the ground again, handing it off for three consecutive plays to #2 Seth Pruett - who was able to pick up the first down. He then completed the drive several plays later with another quick run and the touchdown! The extra point attempt was driven in by #18 Andrew Overmiller giving the Patriots a 20-6 lead at halftime.
     The Rams kicked off to start the 3rd quarter right into the open arms of Patriots #9 Jacob Whiten who was able to march it down field for a nice return setting the Patriots up on the 30 yard line to begin their drive. The very next play on 1st down, #32 Graham Burton controlled the pitch and ran the ball the rest of the way, shaking off a defender in the process, and giving the Patriots another 6 points! The extra point attempt would be good as the Patriots took to the air this time delivering a pass to #15 Andrew Vaughan. The Rams were unable to move the ball on their next possession due to an onslaught of defensive pressure. The onslought led by #9 Jacob Whiten and #22 Jonathon Martinez, forced the Rams to throw on 4th down, which was intercepted by a ready and waiting #14 Wade Nadler giving the ball back to the Patriot offense. But the Rams would not be shut out and approached the field each and every down with fierce ambition which paid off for them in the form of two quick scores in the 3rd quarter - bringing them within 9! After a fumble recovery down around the Patriot goal line - it looked as though this Ram offense just might charge right back into it. But the defense made another stand this time in the form of a safety with a great tackle by #9 Jacob Whiten giving the Patriots 2 points and the ball back with just a little over 3 minutes left to play!  The Patriots went right back to their running game, giving it to #2 Seth Pruett, who was somehow able to sneak through the Ram secondary and run it all the way to the end zone for another Patriot score! The extra point attempt appeared to be botched until the ball was snatched off the ground by #22 Jonathon Martinez. He who managed to pitch it at the last second to #2 Seth Pruett - picking up the extra point and sealing a Patriot victory. Excellent team work, Patriots!