A fee of $35 is required to renew for the 2013-2014 school year. You must also update your family information including your children's new grade levels. Click on "Update my Profile" and update your address/phone/child info as needed. You are not considered fully renewed until your profile is updated to reflect the new year.  If you would rather mail a check, please send it to CFS Poway Membership P.O. Box 665 Poway, CA 92074 **Note - if you are teaching a class solo, then your co-op fees are waived.


Regular Membership Renewal:
Alumni Membership (All children graduated):
Out of area membership:
Co-op fee (per family per year) if enrolling 1:
Co-op fee (per family per year) if enrolling 2 or more:
Co-teacher co-op fee (if enrolling 1):
Co-teacher co-op fee (if enrolling 2 or more):