CHECCS Membership & Fees Q & A

Q: How do I become a member of CHECCS?
A: Complete the New Member Questionnaire (on the menu to the left) if you did not do so before you joined.  Then return the following forms: Registration, your signed Statements of Faith, Statement of Purpose, and Member Requirement,
along with your dues & building usage contribution. You will also need to pay any class fees, if you choose to sign up for classes.

Q: What does it cost to join?
A: Currently (March 2013) our annual membership dues are $15 per
family per year. This fee covers various co-op expenses, including our
newsletters, family directory, handbooks, ID cards, website, etc. There
is also an annual building usage contribution of $25 per family per year.
These fees are due in May each year or at the time the member joins.

Q: If I join mid-year, are the membership dues pro-rated?
A: Sorry, no - it makes the accounting easier this way.

Q: Are there any other fees?
A: Class facilitators may set a fee for their class to cover the expense of
copies, supplies, etc. You may also need to purchase curriculum for any
classes your child takes. Several field trips are scheduled each year.
Some are free; some have a fee that is payable prior to the event.
Occasionally, we ask for other monies, such as the cost of pizza at a
party, etc. We are a not for profit co-op, any monies collected are
necessary in order to facilitate the activities organized.

Q: All the fees present a hardship to my family, can something be done?
A: Please see a member of the Leadership Team to discuss a payment plan.

Q: Can I drop my child off for co-op classes?
A: NO! We do not allow drop-offs! A parent, guardian, or other adult
(grandparent, etc.) is required to be in the building when the child is in coop.
On occasion (and this should be an exception, not the rule!), we permit
you to assign another parent to be responsible for your child in the
event you cannot be there. We understand that sometimes you may have
to schedule something on a co-op day or you need to step out of the
building for a short time. If this happens, please inform a member of the
Leadership Team as to who is responsible for your child until your return
and the time we can expect you to return. Please let your child know you
are leaving and who to go to (the assigned parent) if they need something
while you are gone.



                              Classes & the Class Coaches

Special Note to Class Coaches: You are responsible for cleaning your classroom(s). Please leave the rooms the way you found them or better.  We would like to be a blessing to the church, not a burden.  If you get out tables or chairs, please put them away. If you need the A/V equipment moved from one room to another, please contact the Administrator and they will make sure the equipment is moved to where it is needed. If your students make a mess in the room or get crayon and marker on the tables, clean it. White boards must be completely cleaned before you leave.

Classroom Helpers: Coaches, if you need a Classroom Helper on a regular basis
please contact the Leadership team and we will find volunteers.

Curriculum is to be biblically based and approved by the Leadership
Team. Co-op classes are provided to enhance, not take the place of
instruction in the home. While our class coaches are encouraged to give
student feed back concerning classroom participation and assignments, it
is the parent’s responsibility to determine the final grade after factoring in
the work that has been done at home. It is not our job to place the
responsibility for the success or failure in any given subject on the
shoulders of our volunteers. They are sharing their talents in order to build
on what is being learned at home.


                                                Co-op Class Q & A

Q: How long are class times?
A: Classes are generally 30, 45, 60 or 75 minutes long, depending on the type
of class being taught.

Q: What is the class size?
A: Most rooms can comfortably hold 12-15 students. Classes range in size
from 3 to 15, with the exception of gym or drama classes, with our
average class size being approx. 8 to 10 students.

Q: Are the teachers certified?
A: Some are, most aren't. Members of our group coach the various
courses. Each mom organizing a class does so because she enjoys the
subject, wishes to introduce her own children to the subject, and/or has
graciously volunteered to share her abilities with others. We would not
have a co-op without moms who willingly share their time & talents.
CHECCS members are class coaches. Co-op classes are to enhance,
not to take the place of what is being taught in the home school.

Q: How many credits should my high school student receive for a co-op class?
A: There will be no class credits issued by a CHECCS Co-op Class Coach.
The parent, as the home educator, determines the credits earned by
their student. As a general rule of thumb, a credit is defined as ~135 hours
a year, (45 minutes/5days a week/180 school days).  (Some say 120 to 150 hours.) Only you know how much time
and effort is put into a class and what work is completed outside of class time.  Therefore, only you can issue a credit to your own child for a particular class.

Q: Will a transcript be kept for me?
A: No, you must keep your own student's transcript or find an assessor who
will, usually this is available for a fee.


Q: Will tests be given in the classes?  Will projects, homework, etc.
be graded by the coach?

A:   Some of the upper level classes may have tests or quizzes, but the
parent can opt out of this by talking to the coach.  If your purchase testing papers
that go along with the curriculum used, you may give the test at home and ask if the
coach can score it for you.  A coach may offer comments on projects and homework.
The fact remains that you are your child's teacher.  Only you know the grading scale
you use for your school and only you know the amount of time and effort your student
has put into a class, so you are the only one who can assign a true grade for your child.



                                  CHECCS Rules of Conduct

CHECCS Dress Codes:
First and foremost, we are a Christian cooperative. As Christians we want
to reflect modesty and respect in our appearance. While at co-op and/or
CHECCS functions outside co-op classes, you are representing Christ &
CHECCS; therefore you are expected to dress in a modest and Godhonoring

* We allow no sleeveless shirts; spaghetti strap or tank top shirts may
not be worn unless under a shrug, sweater, etc. No exposed bellies
or bra straps please!
* Shorts and skirts are to be fingertip length or longer.
* Tight clothing, low cut necklines, short skirts, or shirtless boys are not
* Boys are not permitted to wear the t-shirts that have the sleeves and
sides cut out.
* Also unacceptable are shirts that advertise cigarettes, alcoholic
beverages, hard rock music bands, or any message, slogan, or logo
that dishonors God and Christian values and morals. Included are
offensive body tattoos, both permanent & temporary.
* At swim functions, there are to be no bikinis, Speedos or immodest
one piece suits.

Speech & Behavior:

* Our speech is to be pure & right, therefore no profanity, at co-op or at
any CHECCS event or function will be tolerated.
* No public displays of affection (PDA's) between students. No handholding,
or inappropriate hugging, kissing, or touching will be tolerated.
* Children are to be respectful and follow the instructions of their
coaches and of other adults present in the building.


* For safety reasons jewelry should not be worn during play/gym time.

Field Trips & Events:

* Timely reservations & payments are expected in order to organize and
accommodate all those wishing to attend events. Payments are not
* Events will be started at the time scheduled; your timely arrival is
appreciated in order to show courtesy to the field trip/event provider.
* Courteous behavior is expected and it is the parent(s)/guardian's
responsibility to discipline unruly children. In an effort to be a good witness
while attending events, disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.



                                          CHECCS Events Q & A

Q: Do you have field trips?
A: Yes, we try to schedule several educational and fun activities each
year. Sign up sheets are put out and payment is expected, usually at least
one week in advance, unless otherwise noted. You are charged only for
the cost of the activity. No individual CHECCS member profits from group

Q: Why do you not refund field trip reservation money?
A: That money is usually required to be paid upfront to hold a place for
our group at the event that we are attending. This fee is generally not
refunded to us, therefore we cannot refund those who do not attend.

Q: Do you car pool to events?
A: We do not meet at the church to car pool/caravan on trips. However
many times families will get together and decide to ride together or
caravan, but that is up to the individual families to organize.

Q: Do you have any events in the summer?
A: Yes, we schedule Park Days & Swim Days monthly.

Q: What if I plan a day of _____ (roller skating, skiing, camping, etc.)
for my own family and I'd like to invite the entire group?

A: Wonderful! While it's not an official CHECCS function, feel free to
notify the group of the date, place, and time and ask them to join you!
What a great way for the families to get to know one another more and
have fun!