The James River Home School Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the new James River Family Co-op, a true family cooperative, under the direction of Eileen Schlaudt - our Co-op Coordinator!

We're excited and sorry to announce that our Family Co-op is full and registrations are now closed. You can sign up here to be put on the waiting list. The Co-op will be meeting on Wednesdays this coming year 2013/2014 at the JRHSF Campus located at 7401 Elkhardt Road in North Chesterfield. 

 The final Planning Meeting  is scheduled for the James River Family Co-op on Tuesday, August 20th, at 7401 Elkhardt Road, Richmond, VA 23225 (JRHSF Campus) from 6:45 to 8:15. 

The planning meetings are opportunities to ask questions and get an overview of what we will be doing, as well as planning subjects to be covered in the co-op next year. While we are targeting Nursery to 8th grade, those with High School students are welcome to come as we may have enough interest to do some upper level offerings. Please be prepared to say what you might be willing to help teach as well as what your family needs help teaching next year. This is not a for-pay drop off program, but rather a true cooperative where everyone pulls together and pitches-in to help meet the needs of all. We will be taking preliminary commitment deposits and signing up for jobs at this meeting as well as the next one on a first come, first serve basis. You can sign up here if you are interested in learning more about our "true" Family Co-op and/or want to be placed on the mailing list.

Membership in the James River Home School Foundation/Eagles website is required for participation in the Family Co-op, but membership is free.  Once you are a member you may click here for the online Family Co-op Registration

Contact us at jamesrivereagles@comcast.net if you'd like additional information. 


Eileen Schlaudt..........Co-op Coordinator 

Cheryl Hair................................ Director of Academics