James River Home School Foundation

James River Home School Academy

Student Expectations-Code of Conduct


The James River Home School Foundation, as sponsors of the James River Home School Academy, expects students to treat teachers, parents, staff, and fellow students with courtesy and respect at all times. Parents will work in concert with the Academy to see to it that students will follow the guidelines and the dress code below:

  1. Walk quietly between classes. No running or loud talking.
  2. Respect property of the church facilities - inside and out.
  3. Arrive five minutes before class begins.
  4. Come to class prepared to learn and participate, with completed assignments, books, paper, pens/pencils, and ready to learn and participate in class. I also choose to honor God and there will be no cheating or plagiarism.
  5. I understand I am not to bring toys, Ipods, game systems, cell phones, etc. that would distract during class times. If an older student carries a cell phone, it must be kept in a purse or pocket on vibrate, and out of sight, no texting will be allowed.
  6. There shall be no hitting, wrestling, teasing, criticizing, name calling, bullying, etc. We expect children to be courteous and respectful. This is covered in detail in our “Discipline Policy”.
  7. No public displays of affection are allowed on church property, and this includes the parking lot.
  8. No alcohol, drugs or weapons of any kind are allowed on the property, including the parking lot.
  9. No cursing, vulgar actions or talk allowed.
  10. No one is permitted to hang out in foyer or hallways during class times.
  11. Lunch should be eaten in the Fellowship Hall ONLY! No food allowed in foyer, hallways, etc. Everyone is expected to clean up after themselves (throw away trash, wipe down tables, check the floor, and clean up any spills)
  12. If a disciplinary problem arises, guidelines from the Code of Discipline will be followed.


Dress Code

We believe that we must honor God in how we dress, therefore we expect parents to ensure that all students come to class dressed modestly and appropriately. Please follow the guidelines listed below:

  1. Shorts & Skirts – should be knee length or longer.
  2. Shirts/Tops-No spaghetti straps, halter tops, muscle shirts, no tight fitting, see through or midriff shirts allowed. There should be no cleavage showing, even if bending or leaning over, and no underwear should be showing.
  3. Pants - are to be worn in a modest manner, and should not be tight-fitting. No underwear, bare tummy or bottoms should be visible.
  4. T-shirts – no graphics or words that are vulgar, no anti-God or anti-Christian graphics or words, and no wording or graphics depicting sex, drugs, or alcohol