Guide for Families


The Community Foundation is pleased to host the 3rd annual Amazing Raise, a 36 hour online giving challenge that has raised more than $1.8 million for local charities over the past two years. It is a special opportunity for friends, neighbors and colleagues to come together and raise as much money as possible for LOCAL nonprofits, like the James River Home School Foundation,  in just 36 hours and, in turn, celebrate the generous spirit of giving that helps define RVA.

The Amazing Raise will take place from 6 am, September 18th to 6 pm, September 19th on The organization with the most unique donations of $50 or more at the end of 36 hours wins a $20,000 grant prize. But with over $130,000 up for grabs, your gift can really go a long way. See complete list of prizes.

The health and vibrancy of our region is largely dependent on how much we give back. This year, over 550 nonprofits are participating. Together, they are committed to educating our youth, cultivating our creativity, improving our health and so much more. These organizations contribute significantly to the fabric of our community and they are counting on your support.

To ensure your gift counts – please note:

  1. All donations must be made by credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) on during the times stated above.
  2. You may make a gift in honor of your child(ren).
  3. You can track your favorite organization’s progress on the real time leaderboard throughout the event at


  1. This is a great opportunity to begin or add a new family tradition around charitable giving. All ministries, including the James River Home School Foundation need funding.
  2. Allow your family to set an example for others. Invite friends and extended family to participate in The Amazing Raise too.
  3. Start the conversation now and build the excitement.
  4. Ask each person if they would like to contribute to the James River Home School Foundation and why, and share that with the rest of the family! Talk about the priviledge we have in America of home educating our children. Read over our history and our mission and goals and talk about the opportunites we provide for the home schooling community in arts, athleticsacademics, and home school support. Share about giving back to volunteer ministries like ours.
  5. Set a budget, and discuss how The Amazing Raise fits within your family’s overall charitable giving.
  6. During the 36 hours of the event share with your children the excitement of what's happening for the James River Home School Foundation and the other non-profits involved by tracking the leaderboard throughout the event at


  1. Access to to see how the James River Home School Foundation stacks up with the list of participating organizations and to check out the potential prizes.
  2. Access to indepth information about the James River Home School Foundation as well as other organizations that interest you and your family.
  3. Whatever it takes to remind you - An alarm clock, a calendar entry or a post-it-note on the fridge…to remember to donate online to the James River Home School Foundation anytime between 6am, Wednesday, September 18th and 6pm, Thursday, September 19th , but specifically ifyou can - donate during the RUSH HOUR - between 7 AM  and 8 AM on Thursday, September 19th.  


  1. If you had $50, what would you do with it?
  2. If you could start a program to help others, what would it be? What would you name it?
  3. Why is it important to give back to your community?
  4. What are some ways you (can/do) give back – on your own, as a family or as part of a group?
  5. How does it make you feel when you help others?
  6. How do you think it makes them feel?


You may wish to begin this discussion by talking about how nonprofits affect our everyday lives, or the lives of people you may know. Then introduce the ways nonprofits can help people in our community who are less fortunate, and how our support can help them improve their lives, reach their goals and experience the same opportunities we are lucky enough to enjoy. Build your knowledge of local nonprofits and how they serve our community, and then narrow your choices to those that best match your child’s or family’s interest(s).

DID YOU KNOW that the James River Home School Foundation provides the following? 

??Provides weekday and weekend learning and fun

o group events to petting zoos, museums, public parks, historic buildings and landmarks, group cook-outs and picnics... 

??Helps us stay active

o through interscholastic, recreational, and developmental sports as the James River Eagles 

??Support our home school families

o through offering the James River Family Co-op, the James River Home School Academy, the Titus 2 Mom's monthly support group and childcare ministry, and the Lending Library and Resource Center.  

??Enrich the lives of our youngest and oldest neighbors

o from offering preschool programs like the Eaglets as well as sharing the drama ministry of CounterACT to churches, youth groups, senior centers, and the Community at large 

??Beautify our community

by participating in an Adopt the Highway program and learning to give back by working as needed at the churches and facilities we use.  


Nonprofit Organization: An organization established to fulfill a mission that helps to improve our community and our world.

Charitable donation: A gift made by an individual or organization to a nonprofit organization, charity, or foundation. Charitable donations often represent the primary source of funding for nonprofit organizations.

Philanthropy: Acts of kindness (through volunteer service or financial donations) that touch another life, often forever.