James River Eagles Player/Parent Code of Conduct

Player Code of Conduct:

  1. Players are expected to be at every practice and game, and to be on time. Any player having to miss a practice or game for any reason must notify his/her coach directly, and as far in advance as possible.
  2. Players must not criticize teammates or coaches in public. Any concerns should be brought privately to the coach's attention.
  3. Players must treat officials, opposing teams, cheerleaders, and spectators with respect. It is the coach's responsibility to address any disputes with the referees. Players should address questionable calls only to the coach.
  4. Players must show appreciation and respect for the property and facilities of our opponents as well as the churches and schools who allow us to use their facilities.
  5. Players who use profanity or crude gestures will immediately be suspended from the team. Other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and may also result in suspension. A second offense may result in dismissal from the team after a review by the Athletic Directors.
  6. Players commit to work on their own time to improve their skills and conditioning.
  7. Players are expected to dress appropriately and conservatively at all James River Eagles functions.

Parent Code of Conduct:

  1. I certify that my child is a home-educated student as recognized by the State of Virginia, and that if this changes, I will notify the coach.
  2. As a representative of the James River Eagles, a Christian organization that seeks to be a witness in the community, I agree to show respect to coaches, referees, all players, and fellow spectators through my speech and behavior.
  3. Because of the importance of each player to the success of the team, I will make the commitment to have my child attend practices and games, and to have him there at the time requested by the coach. In the event that my child must be absent for a practice or game, I will notify the coach directly, and as far in advance as possible.
  4. I will encourage and enable my child to work on conditioning and improving skills on his own time, apart from practices.
  5. If I disagree with a coach’s decision, I will wait until the day following the event, when the emotions of all concerned are more settled, to discuss it with him.
  6. I agree to allow the coaches to handle any disputes that arise with officials.
  7. Because we are guests at each game and practice location, and want to foster good relationships with our hosts, I and my child will help with leaving the facilities in excellent condition by gathering any lost items and inspecting for trash in the bleachers and restrooms.
  8. I agree to help with set-up and clean-up at home games and volunteer for other home games duties as needed.