Membership Renewal

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We expect everyone to help with the work involved in providing opportunities to our students. As part of your member responsibilities, you must help with one of the following activities during the 2012-2013 school year. If you do not fulfull the responsibility you sign up for,  you will be prohibited from joining CFS Poway for the following year unless there are unforseeable extenuating circumstances. We reserve the right to change where you are serving if the need arises.

Please note - this list does NOT include Co-op duties. All who participate in Co-op  must ALSO have a co-op job whether it is teaching, yard duty, etc. 

Event Committees - there will be at least one meeting with other committee members and a board member in which duties will be dispersed.

Upper grade activities - You will be responsible to set up one event during the year. Some suggestions are Capture the Flag, Ski trip, Chardetionary, Progressive Dinner, Bunco, Summer or Spring Ball, Laser Tag, Swimming, Paintball, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Hiking, a Group Service Opportunity, etc

Yearbook Committee -  You will be assigned pages to complete for the CFS Insert. You may also be assigned to take photos for the yearbook

A monthly small group meeting can be a play group for kids, a meeting for moms, or a combination of both. You can have them meet at your home or at a nearby park. You will be responsible to submit an invitation to your small group meeting for publishing in the newsletter.

Spelling Bee/Geography Bee coordinator - you will be coached in this position by the Events coordinator.

Mentor - We will ask new homeschoolers whether they want a mentor and then will assign one or two to you. You will be responsible to contact them by October 1st and then maintain contact as needed but at least monthly during the year.

Lead a Bible Study - this can be set up for students, parents or families and can be weekly, biweekly or monthly. You will need to post it in the newsletter and we will also put it on the website calendar.

Teach PE - We will be glad to help you set this up. Contact us for ideas.




(1 required)
Lead a field trip Lead an upper grade activity
Fall Picnic committee Serve Pizza at one Park Day
Assist with one Park Day activity Serve on Yearbook committee
Lead a monthly small group CFS Christmas committee
Open House Committee Promotion Committee
Graduation Committee Coordinate Geography Bee
Coordinate Spelling Bee Host a meeting
Mentor a new homeschooler Mom's Night Out committee
Host an event Lead a Bible Study
Teach PE Board Member (Already)
Set up Meal delivery to families as needs arise