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**Important Note

This form should be completed only if you are signing up your student, group of students, or class to participate in the 2013 Showcase. Use it for displays as well as talent entries. If you are attending but NOT entering, please sign up via the calendar. Click on "calendar", find April 20, click on the event, and sign up there. All families entering to be part of the event need to sign up via the calendar.

Teachers, please let your families know that they need to sign up via the calendar to attend the event.


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Talent - Individual Talent - (2-4 students)
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Entry Title  (i.e. name of song, composer if applicable, era of history being displayed etc.) 


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For Displays only - check how much table space you need (We will do our best to accommodate your request)

Rectangular 6' Table (half) Rectangular 6
Round 5' Table (half) Round 5
This is not a display

Talent only - Please list sound or accompaniment requirements

Prerecorded Music (CD must by submitted by 4/10) Keyboard
Hand held microphone Group microphone
Cleared Stage Projector (words/photos due date 4/10)
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Talent Only - List length of your piece (Limit of 3 minutes for individuals)


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