Curriculum Drive-thru

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Date – Time

June 25, 2020 – 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Bolling AFB, DC 20032 US

Additional Information

JBABHE is hosting a curriculum drive-thru!

If you'd like to participate in this curriculum event, please register ASAP. The form will ask for your address, curriculums you'd like to showcase. and the grade/age your curriculum pretains to. Please list as many curriculums as you have! The goal of the event will be to allow families to drive around to JBABHE member houses to take a look at their curriculum, getting an idea of what they'd like to use for the upcoming school year.  Weather permitting, each member will set up a table outside on their driveway to let others explore their curriculum. Current JBABHE members, as well as others basewide who are considering homeschooling, will have access to this list.

This curriculum drive-thru will take place all over base housing, so please plan accordingly depending on which addresses you'd like to visit! 

This calendar listing/event will be made available basewide for incoming/potential homeschoolers, so please be aware. 

If you have any questions, please ask!

Below is the necessary information for those who have signed up to showcase curriculum! Please remember this is not a sale, just an opportunity to look at what curriculum choices are out there.

Last Name First Name Status Registered By Email Phone Registered Address (please list community as well) Curriculum (please include grade/age)
Delapasse Paula Signed Up Delapasse, Paula [email protected] 2256034450 6/22/2020
Westover Ave Shirley English Level 2 and 4 Singapore Math 4A and 4B A beka Math 3
Schaefer Candise Signed Up Schaefer, Candise [email protected] 9375945304 6/22/2020
330 Blanchard Dr (Rickenbacker) Master-books grades 1 & 3 Grade 1: My Story (social studies) Foundation phonics Math lessons for a living education Adventures in creation (science) Grade 3 Language lessons for a living education Math lessons for a living education America’s story (history) Gods design for life (science)
Davis Crystal Signed Up Davis, Crystal [email protected] 803-305-3543 6/21/2020
5497 Langley Way SW Unit C Hooe Terrace I will give a brief description of the k12 curriculum it isn't a certain grade it includes all grades.
Shambley Brooke Signed Up Shambley, Brooke [email protected] 5404608034 6/19/2020
8652A Clagett Street Before Five in a Row - Ages 3-5 Five in a Row Volumes 1-4 - Ages 5-10 Beyond Five in a Row - Ages 10-12 Classical Conversations Foundations - Ages 4-12 Classical Conversations Essentials - Ages 9-12 Includes: Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) Teaching Writing Structure and Style - All ages; IEW US History Based Writing Lessons (Teacher and Student book) - Ages 9-12; Essentials Guide - Ages 9-12 Story of the World Volumes 1-4 - Ages 4-12 Saxon - Ages 6-11
Graves Cecilia Signed Up Graves, Cecilia [email protected] 3602391765 6/18/2020
325 Blanchard (Rickenbacker) Bookshark level 3/D Math U See Delta/Gamma Moving beyond the page 7-9/8-10 Our Spangled Story Grades 1-4
Pizzurro Krysten Signed Up Pizzurro, Krysten [email protected] 860-460-2175 6/17/2020
84 Westover Ave (Westover Contemporary) Kolbe Academy (Grades K,2,5,7)
Bindewald Andrea Signed Up Bindewald, Andrea [email protected] 937-422-8908 6/17/2020
8608B Hartz Dr New Hickam Village Horizons 2nd grade math, Lifepac science 2nd and 4th grade, Lifepac Phonics 2nd grade, Story of Civilization world history grades 2nd-8th, Essentials in writing Grades 1-8, Essentials in Literature Grade 7/8, Teaching Textbooks Math Grades 3-Pre-Algebra, Galloping the Globe world Geography, I have Trail Guide to Learning: Paths of Exploration available to view as well, even though we are not using it this year. (Grades 3-5)
Sharp Jacqueline Signed Up Sharp, Jacqueline     6/17/2020
321 Blanchard (Rickenbacker) Bookshark (4th grade) Math U See (Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta) Sonlight (4th grade) IEW Real Science Odyssey (Chemistry 1) Soaring with Spelling, Cursive Without Tears, Wordly Wise


Here is a Google Maps link showing stops for the drive thru to make it easier to plan your route around base housing. Happy driving & browsing!

Curriculum Drive-thru Google Maps