The Discovery of Genesis in Chinese
April 28, 2014
06:30 PM
Event Description:

Our science workshop in April will show the Discovery   of Genesis accounts of the creation, the worldwide flood,   Babel and Biblical theology revealed in the ideographs of   the Chinese language created some 4500 years ago!

  The work of Chinese pastor C.H.Kang and Dr. Ethel   Nelson have revealed how Chinese ideographs (word)
  pictures) reveal a very complete knowledge of the first 11 chapters of Genesis! For example the Chinese
character for “boat” is made up of the characters
for vessel, eight and mouth or person. Noah’s ark,
the first boat in the Bible, was a vessel with eight
people on board: Noah, his wife, their three sons
and their wives!

The myths of the evolutionary community are that men started as apes then ape-men, and their first language was gutturals and grunts which later evolved into pictures. The Bible and Kang’s work tell a very different story.
These sources say that cuneiform, hieroglyphics and Chinese ideographs were not the first languages or writing, but what came as we started over after the Flood and Babel!

There are more than 100 examples of this treasure trove of Genesis in Chinese ideographs. We will show you 117 of them and how they each tell the Genesis story in our meeting on April 28th.. This evidence reveals how God protected the creation, worldwide flood and Babel accounts through 1100 years of “word of mouth” transmission until they were taken down by Moses! This is indeed a miracle and defies human capability for transmitting with such perfection and testifies to the intervention of God.

Finally, these Chinese characters are a portion of a striking set of evidences for the dispersion after Babel. The Chinese language turns out to be another signal from God telling us He was here. It not only confirms the Genesis account but gives us a sense of awe and wonder at how He planted the story with us and protected it over many thousands of years!

A companion children’s program will be available for younger scientists to enjoy. 



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