Eagles Season Ending Basketball Banquet
March 21, 2014
06:00 PM
Event Description:

Eagles Basketball Season Ending Celebration Banquet!
Friday, March 21st at
Ramsey Memorial United Methodist Church
 Thanks to Stacy Pritchard and Sarah Ogburn for agreeing to co-ordinate our year ending banquet once again! Please read all the information below.  Uniform return begins at 6:00pm, the banquet begins at 6:30pm. You must be on the member side of the website to signup. Email admin@jrhsf.org if you need your password.

Deadline for signups is Thursday, March 20th.

What to bring?

Each family is asked to bring the following:

1) A main dish - enough to feed your family and another family***

AND - (switching up from last year:)

2) Families with last names beginning with A-M, please bring a dessert - enough to feed your family and another family. ***

Families with last names beginning with N-Z, please bring a side dish or casserole - enough to feed your family and another family. ***


3) 2 liters of beverage. (If you bring tea, please label it as "sweetened" or "unsweetened").

4) Please bring serving utensils, labeling them, and all your other food containers, with your name. (Pieces left behind will be donated to the church.)

5) Please bring your uniforms to turn in.


What to wear?

In honor of the occasion, let's step it up a bit and wear our "Sunday best"; meaning shirt and tie for the gentlemen and dresses or skirts for the ladies. Ladies please dress conservatively and modestly, and please adhere to the following guidelines: Dresses and skirts should be no more than 2 inches above the knee. Please, no spaghetti straps, halter tops, tight fitting, or see through or midriff shirts, and/or no dresses or blouses that reveal cleavage. 

How to sign up!

A link at the bottom of the member side of this page will allow you to see who has signed up and what they are bringing so we don't end up with 10 of the same thing! So take a look before signing up, but keep in mind, that the download shows each family member signed up as all bringing the same entree, when in fact each family is actually only bringing one of that entree.

You will have the option to select what items you will bring when you click the signup link at the bottom of the page. If applicable please choose from the drop down list, or choose the option for "other", and then let us know what you're planning to bring by typing it in.

Don't forget the main dish, and side dish, or dessert should serve double your size family. **Please bring your main dish and side dish warmed (if applicable)

When signing up, click the box for the number attending and then follow the sign up instructions.

You will receive a confirmation email after you signup containing all of the above information plus the items you signed up to bring.

Clean up!

We will also need help with clean up: dishes, putting table and chairs away, and other misc. items. Thanks!

Cancellations :(

If you find that you won't be able to attend you can come back to the calendar and cancel your reservation yourself by choosing the "cancel an existing sign up" option. We will receive an email that you have canceled. You won't need to contact us, but you will be missed!


Ramsey Memorial United Methodist Church
5900 Hull Street Road
Richmond, VA 23224 US

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