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Fellowship Friday--Minute to Win It!

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Date – Time

September 4, 2020 – 10:00 AM

Additional Information

Welcome back! We look forward to seeing you!

Join us for reports, pizza, and a fun/educational activity. 

NEW this year MOM CHAT time!

This month we will be having back to school MINUTE TO WIN IT games!


We order Pizza on Thursday at 8:00 PM.  If you do not have your order in by that time, you will need to bring your lunch.  Thanks!

Reports BEGIN promptly at 10:00 am so please arrive between 9:30am - 9:45 am

Cowboy Church of the Valley

11235 Swift Lane

Santa Rosa, TX

Please let us know:

1. How many are coming.

2. Number for pizza ($2 per PERSON. If you order, you must pay for it.) Bring your own drink or purchase one for $1.

3. Number of kids presenting and age. Power point? You must bring USB Memory Stick.  Power point needs to be Microsoft.  Mac Keynote does not work. 

*Parents, if your child is doing a Report, please be sure that you time it and keep it to 3 minutes or less. Thank you!

Please scroll down for more information,

Tracy O'Loughlin




First time attending? Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Visitors?

Please feel free to bring Christian homeschool friends who may be considering joining our group.  We just ask that you RSVP for them.  Naturally family or visiting relatives are always welcome as well. 

2.  Can I drop my kids off or do I have to attend? 

This is a family event, not a drop off.  No matter how old your child is, they need to have another parent responsible for them if you can not make it for any reason.  We want to be sure that everyone is safe and accounted for.

3. What about lunch?

After reports, we stay and have lunch. Most eat the pizza and your kids will want it when they smell it! This is not a fundraiser. Cost is $2 per person and if you order, you must pay for it EVEN IF YOU DON'T come. We will order based on RSVPs received by 8pm on Thursday.  Of course you can also bring a sack lunch, but we encourage you to stay during this part as there is so much time for networking, for both kids and adults.

4. Do my kids have to do a presentation?

No. Please feel free to bring your children just to watch. Please let them know that they need to be quiet and attentive during all presentation.

5. I have a baby and I am worried that he might get cranky during reports. What do you suggest?

We have a cry room located at the back of the church. There is a changing table and a quiet place to nurse.

6. How long does the Report portion last?

It all depends on how many reports we have, but an hour seems to be average.

7. What if my squirmy, wormy can't sit still that long?

Kids up to 5th grade give the first reports and then we invite parents with young kids to take them to the playground. The age for this is up to your discretion. Please note that once you leave, you can not come back in during the older kids reports. Some of these kids spend many hours preparing and we want to limit interruptions.

8. Do we have time to ask questions about homeschooling or other topics?

After you get your kids settled in to eat we will move the moms to a corner of the church and have sometime to ask questions and chat about how homeschooling is going and other requested topics.

9. Box Tops for Education

We collect these! Please clip and bring them to us or scan your receipts and put them under Harlingen Homeschoolers.

10. What else do I need to know?

We are happy that you are here! After pizza, the kids play outside or do a craft or play inside games or just talk. Moms watch kids and visit. Please feel free to stay and chat

11. What about COVID?

We will continue to keep up with our governments reccommendations regarding COVID-19 and want to you know that we consider our homeschool families safety as important. We understand and respect each family and ask that you graciously walk through this together with us.




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