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I'm new to homeschooling in Alberta and have lots of questions! 



Please use our About Us page, Homeschooling in Alberta page, and Links page to get started. If you're in the Edmonton area, consider being our guest at two meetings to see if HSCF would be a good fit for you and your family!




How should I set my email preferences?



'Weekly Email Updates' are automatic emails that the website will send to your inbox on Monday mornings. They will remind you of current events on the HSCF calendar, and let you know of any updates on the website pages. For busy families, this weekly reminder can be a good way of keeping connected to HSCF!

The 'Forum Emails' are the regular notes that we send to each other & will arrive directly to your inbox. Choose to receive each email immediately, OR in a daily digest. (If you prefer to say "no" to forum emails, they won't come to your inbox, but you can still access them on our website by going to the Group Forum link.) 

The Forum 'Categories' allow you to chose which emails you receive. If you'd rather not receive emails about 'Ski Days', for example, uncheck that box.

The 'Classifieds' are emails generated by the Classifieds link about what other HSCF members are giving away, selling, or wanting. You can choose to opt out of these email notices and visit the Classifieds link on our website instead.

heartMembers, you can change your email preferences at any time by clicking on "Edit My Profile" in the menu. Be sure to have lifeline@homeschool-life.com included in your contacts. It is not spam! Homeschool-Life is our website company. (This is especially important If you use a yahoo email address for your HSCF email.)




I forgot my login information or am not able to login.


Use the "Forgot my Login" link in the login area. You must enter the exact email address you used when first signing up.

Only current members in good standing are able to login. Still having trouble? Email us



Can I change my HSCF membership information?


Yes! Please use the Edit My Profile link at any time after your membership has been approved:

  • to keep your family registration information up-to-date
  • to adjust your email preferences
  • to change your privacy settings
  • to create and edit your Family Web Site (the long description)
  • to type a few words that will appear under your name in the Family Directory (the short description)



Since getting a new website from Homeschool-Life, does our normal website address still work?


Yes! Our HSCF website address is still www.HSCFedmonton.ca 

(Only our yahoo group is no longer valid - or needed.)




Whoa! Can you tell me how this HSCF website works? 



Sure! There are FOUR main areas of this website, each with its own HOME page. Click or skim down to find the topic you need:

  1. The Public Pages
  2. The Private Pages
  3. Your Family Website Pages


  1.    The Public Pages (HOME has the slide show.)

These website pages are available to everyone, "the public".  After your HSCF membership has been approved, please LOGIN if you'd like to go to "the private" side of our website. Non-members can visit the GUESTS' MEETING INFO page to find our Monday night schedule and how to connect.  WHAT'S NEW gives the public a sneak peek at some things we're up to in HSCF. Our hope is that parents will be encouraged in their homeschooling journey and join in if they think HSCF will be of benefit to their family. The LINKS page is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but just enough to get folks started or refreshed. The PUBLIC CALENDAR is there for non-members to join us when we make the option available, e.g. for Monday Meetings; however, most HSCF activities will fall under the private calendar and the benefits of membership. PONDER is a page designed to keep people interested in our website for just a little longer! It changes several times a year with homeschool-related topics. ABOUT US describes our HSCF mission statement and presents an overview of Homeschooling in Alberta. The Slide Show on the PUBLIC HOME page is a smattering of sample pictures showing HSCF families having fun homeschooling together. If you see a photo with a close-up of your child in it, and you are uncomfortable with that, please let us know so we can remove it. The Upcoming Events box on the PUBLIC HOME page is generated when you submit an event to the calendar and invite the public. Again, most HSCF activities will be for members only, as a benefit of membership. Finally, along the very top right of the PUBLIC HOME page are self-explanatory handy links: Home  Contact  Request Membership  FAQ  Login.  

2.   The Private Pages (HOME has the coffee cups.)

You'll see your name at the top left once you've successfully logged into the PRIVATE HOME page. (Only current HSCF members have access to the private pages.) Click on the Google Map to locate all the families who agreed to show their address to the membership. (Eek! Rural addresses may be incorrect. That's a Google issue which the rural member can either edit or report to Google.) We hope the map helps to make carpooling and building friendships a little easier! The Upcoming Events box will highlight all the current submissions to the calendar. Click on them for quick info. If you have used the sign up option from the calendar, your events will show in the box called My Events Sign Ups. Along the very top right of the member HOME page are self-explanatory handy links: Home  Contact  FAQ  Edit My  Profile  Logout. (If you are an Administrator, you'll also see a Group Admin Site link in this header navigation.)

In the blue navigation bar, the MEMBERS' MEETING INFO page will be updated monthly with the date & topic of each meeting, letting you know which dates to save for the upcoming year, who is on for snacks, and linking you to Previous Meetings. The MEMBERS' CORNER page will have quick references to things you might be needing during the year. And it's also a private location for the Bylaws, Minutes and the History of HSCF. The MEMBERS' QUICK FAQ link was requested for those times when you're flying out the door and need a quick way to connect to HSCF.

The rest of the links are to help you enjoy the benefits of Membership. The member CALENDAR is more detailed than the public one, and is set so that all members can submit an event. The GROUP EMAIL FORUM is much like a yahoo group, but without advertisements. You’ll need to go to the GROUP EMAIL FORUM to start a new thread (topic), but after that you can use your own email software to reply. Please use the Edit My Profile link so you are receiving just the emails you want. (We can also create unseen email categories: e.g. the President can email just the list of Board Members, or families with teens can create their own Graduation category.)  The FAMILY DIRECTORY has privacy options for those who choose to use them as they edit their profile. Each family can create their own website pages to post family news, photos, or even to teach your children how to design website pages! Click on "Family Web Site" under any name in the Family Directory to see who has created one. Grandma & Grandpa can visit your family web pages without having access to the group side of the website. From the FAMILY DIRECTORY you can click "Print" and see what curriculum other members are using, where they attend church, etc. if they've shared that information on their registration form. Use the CONTACT THE BOARD & COORDINATORS directory to see all the current positions available at HSCF. You can email each other directly from these directories.

Various Administrators are in charge of each of their corners on the website. (So membership registrations, photos, calendar submissions, business submissions, etc. will be quickly approved by an Administrator before being posted; approval is a security requirement of the homeschool company who hosts our website.) You can add images in the PHOTO GALLERY. Please keep photos HSCF-related! The LIBRARY page has a searchable database of resources available to HSCF members. LINKS are essentially the same for both the private & public sides, for information about homeschooling in Alberta and sample resources. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list, but just enough to get started. You may add your own favourite links to your family's personal page, found via "Edit My Profile". CLASSIFIEDS are for buying, selling or giving away whatever you think other HSCF families could use or might have. Each family is responsible for maintaining their own ads & should delete them when they are no longer accurate; they are automatically purged after 60 days. You can opt to get the Classifieds by email or not by setting your email preferences. YOUNG HOMESCHOOLERS is an educational social group for members ~age 10 and under. Information about the popular SCIENCE & HERITAGE FAIR is covered on this page, along with a link to register student projects. The NEWSLETTER has an Administrator who will gladly include your submissions! Have you read a good book that you'd like to recommend to other HSCF families? Tell us why! Did your child write a fun poem or draw a sweet picture that you could submit?  Another way you can connect more with HSCF families is through the BUSINESS & SERVICES DIRECTORY. What does your family do that could benefit other families? Are your kids entrepreneurs? Are you self-employed? Are you willing to let a homeschool student job shadow you for a day, have an HSCF field trip onsite, or contact you about your particular career? Market your home business to local homeschool families.The FIELD TRIPS page explains how to get a field trip started on the Calendar and Email. It's fun to see a growing list of field trip ideas available in the Edmonton area!  COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS is a reference page of group activities with which you may be involved, and in which other HSCF families could also participate (not spectate). So a family-friendly soccer club would count; an invitation to your church supper would not. (But you could email us about it!) The WEBSITE INSIGHT page is a pop-up link with tips about using some of the various features of our website. WHAT'S NEW is just that! PONDER is a page designed to keep people interested in our website for just a little longer! It changes several times a year with homeschool-related topics. ABOUT US describes our HSCF mission statement and presents an overview of Homeschooling in Alberta.

Please use the EDIT MY PROFILE link: 

  • to keep your family information up-to-date,
  • to check your email preferences,
  • to change your privacy settings, 
  • to create and edit your Family Web Site,
  • to type a short description or information that appears under your name on the Family Directory.

Occasionally the website will require you to tweak your profile before carrying on to the website pages, so that member information is up-to-date each year. Always LOG OUT if you are using a public computer, e.g. at a library or while travelling. At home, bookmark our website and check the box to stay logged in on the same computer 'forever' so that HSCF is handy next time you need it!

3.   Your Family Website Pages (HOME will have your family photo on it, or whatever you choose.)

You need to be logged in as an HSCF member first. You'll see in the FAMILY DIRECTORY under each name that each family has optional Website Pages available to use. You can build unlimited pages, and include photos and your favourite links. Go to the FAMILY DIRECTORY and click on "Family Web Site" under a member's name to view your own and/or other members' websites.

You may go to EDIT MY PROFILE, scroll to the text box to type a short description of your family or let us know that you've created a webpage or posted a family photo. What you type here in the 'short description' box will appear under your name in the Family Directory. Use the 'long description' box to post a photo and type what you'd like. This will appear as your family's website Home Page.

To create and maintain your own family's website, click on EDIT MY PROFILE. Right near the top of your registration form is a blue link: "click here to edit my family's website".

Once you have created a family website, you can opt to password-protect it, and share it with friends or family outside of HSCF! Create a username & password for your non-HSCF guests via your Edit My Profile link, scrolling almost to the bottom. Select a user name and password specifically for your outside guests to use. Tell them to visit www.HSCFedmonton.ca and to Login using the guest user name and password you created for them. Outside guests do not have access to the Private member pages of our website - only to your Family Web Pages with your permission, and of course to the Public Pages.

4.  The Administrative Pages (HOME is blue.)

Are you a website Administrator? If so, you need to be signed in as an HSCF member first. Then from the private home page, click on the GROUP ADMIN SITE link located along the very top header navigation. Login with your Admin user name/password & you'll see the ADMIN HOME page welcoming you. Let us know if there's an area where you should have been granted access, and we'll remedy that! One of the best advantages of this website is that the maintenance is shared around & members are able to use their gifts to serve! 


heartPlease note that all web pages on our HSCF site, including Family Web Pages, must honour copyright laws, must not be illegal, immoral, etc., or be contrary to our Terms of Service. Please do not distribute your Membership or Admin logins to others, as this compromises our HSCF privacy and security. Misuse or misrepresentation of Membership may result in your privileges being withheld.