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I don't see the FAQ I am looking for. How can I find it?


Email DeLisa Holland at photocrazyone@yahoo.com with your question. Please title your email: "FAQ Submission"

We will answer your question (to the best of our knowledge) :) and also add your question to the FAQs for others who are wondering the same thing! Thank you for your help in developing our FAQs!!


What does WIT stand for?


WIT - Walk In Truth

Taken from 3 John 4 "I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth."


What is the WIT Mission Statement?


The WIT Mission Statement is very similar to the WIT Covenant found here.


WIT Home Educators Mission Statement

 We are a Fellowship and Support group of Christian Homeschooling families whose desire is to raise Godly men and women and give them the best education we possibly can.  We educate our children at home because we, as individual families, have felt called by God to do so.  While Homeschooling is not the answer for everyone, it is how God has ledus.  We are pro-Homeschooling without being against other schooling options for others.  We affirm that each Christian family will seek God’s will for their children.   We strive to be Godly in our actions as well as in our speech and are actively involved in personal Bible Study and a local church and we encourage each family to raise their children in a healthy, biblical community of believers. 

We are pro-community, and do not wish to isolate ourselves or our children from society.  We are actively seeking to teach our children to be salt and light in this world and we encourage participation in, and provide regular opportunity for, Missions projects. 

We affirm each other’s right to choose curriculum, teaching style and methods that best meet the academic needs of our children.  We encourage each other to achieve our goals for, and with, our children.  As our children’s educators, we actively seek opportunities to enhance our knowledge about teaching and Homeschooling.  This includes Bible study, Homeschooling seminars, classes and workshops.