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Welcome to NICHE!

North Irving Christian Home Educators

Who are we?

Simply said, we are a group of families with two common connectors:

1)  our belief in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit

2) our desire to homeschool our kids and fellowship together as a community


Who we are not.

We are not a co-op.  There are many good co-ops in this area...but that's not us.


We do not provide curriculum or tell you what to teach your kids. 

However we will share information about what works for us if you join.


We are not a mother's day out or kid's day out program.


Whether you are venturing into homeschool for the very first time, or are a veteran looking for a great support group,

we hope you take a few minutes to browse through our Public Profile and decide whether or not NICHE is the homeschooling community you are seeking.

If you decide that NICHE is "it" and that you want to join us....YEAH!  And WELCOME!  Fill out the Request Membership form and we'll contact you shortly.


If we don't fit what you are looking for we do sincerely hope you find the connections you are seeking in your homeschool journey.  God bless you!