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What does S.E.E.K. stand for?

The acronym S.E.E.K. stands for Support, Encouragement, and Education for the Kingdom.

Is S.E.E.K. a homeschool support group or a homeschool co-op?

BOTH!  We are a homeschool support group that also has a co-op which meets for classes on Fridays, September through April/May.

Is there a difference between a support group and a co-op? 

Yes, some people use these terms interchangeably, but there is the difference.

*  A Support Group is many families working together to support, encourage and equip each

other in their homeschool experience. They may offer a moms night out, field trips, high school social events

track & field day, end of the year programs, science fairs, standardized testing or

other types of events.

*  A Co-op is many families working together to fulfill their common educational goals. This

could be two families getting together to study Spanish or 50 families pooling their efforts to offer

many different kinds of classes or group opportunities like chorus or sports.

Can we join S.E.E.K. without attending the S.E.E.K. Co-op?

Absolutely! We want to support all area homeschooling families.  You are welcome to join us for all the family activities, field trips and other events that S.E.E.K. offers outside of our co-op days.


Do I need to join S.E.E.K. before registering for the S.E.E.K. Co-op?

Yes.  Everyone who wants to register for classes at our co-op must first be a member of S.E.E.K.  You should Request Membership on the website by pressing the "JOIN" button on the top menu bar.  Then you must send payment of S.E.E.K. Membership dues.


I had access to the private side of the website and now I can't access it?

When access is approved for someone who is not yet an official S.E.E.K. member it is only good for 20 days.  During that time you must send in your S.E.E.K. Membership form and payment.  If you have already done this and are still having trouble with the website contact the leadership team at seekleaders@gmail.com .

What is our co-op policy in the event that we have snow or other extreme weather conditions?

Due to our location we have an advantage to having main roads that will get cleared quickly so we hope to not have to cancel co-op due to snow.  However we understand that some of you do have more back country roads to get to us or live further away so YOU will need to make the decision for your family.  If we have co-op on a bad weather day but you are unable to come please make sure to look for a replacement for your mom volunteer jobs. Then email your student's teacher to get assignments.  We will instruct teachers to have grace for any students who miss on a bad weather day that we have decided to still hold co-op. 

It is very hard to make up snow days especially for the high school for credit classes so we will take safety seriously but will do our best to hold whenever possible.

Snow policy (unless you are notified otherwise):

**If Wilson School District (Berks -- West Lawn) has a one hour or a two hour we will have an automatic ONE HOUR delay.  So even if you hear Wilson's announcements the night before then you know you will at least have a ONE HOUR delay
**If Wilson has a cancelation we will be canceled per request from the church.

Below is the link for the website I usually use to see delays.  


Other ways you can find out:
1) An email will be generated from this website.

2) An email will come from the seekleader@gmail.com email.

3) S.E.E.K's Facebook Page