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COVID-19 Update: We are cautiously moving forward and planning the upcoming school year. We have decided to delay a couple events that are coming up. Our class registration usually would open in early June, but with the current uncertainty, we feel it's best to delay that until July 6th. Giving it one more more, will give us one more month of clarity. with that, our return meeting, the annual "Back to School Bash" will not be the end of August, but will be pushed until September 11th. We can't wait to see everyone again, and know that you are feeling the same, but we also feel like delaying our return may allow us to return better, with more knowledge and confidence. We miss you! 

HATT is a group established to help homeschooling families in the Temple Terrace area gain social experiences.  We meet weekly to learn in a group setting, establish lasting friendships, and provide a social outlet for students and parents.   

We don't want this group to be an additional burden on families, but an opportunity to provide fun and educational social experiences.   With that in mind, we have a small membership fee for our group.  We need every member to contribute to the group so we can share responsibilities. Those who teach or contribute in other significant ways are able to waive their family membership fee. 

We are grateful for the generous support from our sponsors to keep our costs low.


Class/BookClub Registration Opens
July 6 - Monday
Back to School Bash
September 11 - Friday