Joining Planet Homeschool

Is your family considering joining Planet Homeschool for the 2020-2021 school year?

Wonderful! PHS is a secular homeschool co-op focused on serving families homeschooling through the teen years. We offer a wide range of courses for students ages 12-18, and a handful of courses for younger students ages 10-11.

Planet Homeschool

Learning Community

Planet Homeschool is a vibrant and welcoming learning community for homeschooling families with students ages 10 and up in the Twin Cities, Minnesota metro. Our classes are led by teachers who are passionate about their craft and actively engaged in their fields. We attract an exceptional group of lively and intellectually curious students who truly enjoy being here. PHS is supported and led by talented parents whose great ideas have helped build our co-op from its start in 2000.

The PHS learning environment is characterized by small class sizes, a comfortable and informal atmosphere, and close relationships among instructors, students and parents. Students have a common gathering space for studying and socializing, and ample free time to get to know one another. Parents of 10 and 11-year-old students who are new to PHS are expected to stay at PHS during their students' first semester of classes. Parents of students 12 and up and returning PHS students are welcome to stay but can also drop off their children. On occasion, teachers or PHS volunteer administrators may ask that a parent of an older child stay on-site if they think that will work better for the student and will help the co-op function more smoothly for all.

Parents are expected to share in the administrative and supervisory aspects of the co-op. 

Families are welcome to register their student for a full load of four classes or as few as one class each semester. It is up to each family to determine their student's schedule. We do recommend that new families with students ages 10 or 11 consider starting with one or two classes to give their student time to adjust to PHS gradually and to make sure our teen-centered co-op is a good fit for their younger student.

We meet at Faith United Methodist Church (2708 33rd Ave NE, St Anthony, MN 55418) on Fridays throughout the school year. 

If you have questions regarding Planet Homeschool we encourage you to explore our website and look over our FAQs. If you still have any questions regarding PHS please feel free to contact the PHS Leadership Team: PlanethomeschoolMN@gmail.com

Membership Fee

In order to enroll in classes at Planet Homeschool, you must first pay our Membership Fee which is used to pay rent, insurance, website fees and other overhead costs.

Registration for Fall Semester begins in late Spring and continues until classes begin in September. Registration for Spring Semester begins in late Fall and continues until classes begin in January.

The annual Membership Fee is $80: $35 for the 12-week fall semester and $45 for the 16-week spring semester. You can pay with check or Paypal.