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Welcome to the Brook Hills' Co-op (BHC)!  

Our mission is to support and encourage families as they lay a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Our desire is to implement a simple, peaceful, and cooperative educational environment that benefits and blesses homeschooling families and honors the Lord in the process. 

We want to come alongside and support parents by giving core guidance with freedom for families to school as the Lord leads, and provide community for homeschool students to thrive.

2021-2022 Schedules

Lower School (grades K-6)

Upper School (grades 7-12)

Lower School Classes

Kindergarten - Kindergarten 

1st Grade - Art, Science, Tapestry of Grace

2nd Grade - Art, Science, Tapestry of Grace

3rd Grade - Art, Science, Tapestry of Grace

4th Grade - Passport, Science, Tapestry of Grace

5th Grade - Passport, Science, Tapestry of Grace

6th Grade - Passport, Science, Tapestry of Grace

Upper School Classes

Foreign Language - American Sign Language 1a, American Sign Language 1b, American Sign Language 2, Spanish 1, Spanish 2

History - Economics (fall semester), Government (spring semester), Russian History, Tapestry of Grace 7th/8th, US History 2, World History 2

Language Arts - American Literature, Literary Analysis (Tuesday, 10:00), Literary Analysis (Tuesday, 1:30), Literature and Composition 1 (Tuesday, 8:30), Literature and Composition 1 (Tuesday, 1:30), Literature and Composition 2, Research Writing and Logical Arguments

Math - Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Math 7, Personal Finance, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus

Other - Academic Organizational Skills (Tuesday 10:00), Academic Organization Skills (Tuesday 12:00), Christian Theology, Computer Science 1, Computer Science 2

Science - Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, General Science, Life Science (Tuesday 12;00), Life Science (Tuesday 1:30), Physical Science (Tuesday 12:00), Physical Science (Tuesday 1:30)


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