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Fall Classes Still Open

HEdFEx classes are still open for new members! Tuition will be prorated to reflect the number of weeks left in the term. Email at hedfexmembership@gmail.com for more info. 

Art through the Ages with Cassandra Monson ages 5-9, 10+

This is an awesome 4-year art history and art making program developed by Cassandra Monson. Each year students explore different cultures, artists and materials!

Nature Art and Science with EcoElsa ages 5-9

Kids will learn about art mediums through nature and how it connects to different science principles through our activities. Depending on the weather some of the activities we may do are making charcoal sticks, paint & dye color science, fiber weaving, animal footprints, color chemistry, group nature sculpture, and more

Project Nature with EcoElsa ages 10+

Our natural world has played a role in the clothes humans have worn since the beginning. Join a naturalist from EcoElsa to connect nature to current fashion through the making and ideas phases with things like grass weaving and making dyes from plants and creating designs based on nature. 

Gameschooling ages 5-9

Students will supplement their education in a variety of subjects by playing games.

Sexual Health Education - Seeing and Exploring Life's Future (SELF) Ages 10+

Class fee for this is extremely flexible. Also if this is the only class you are interested in we will waive the membership fee!

Each week of this class builds upon the previous week, so new students will have some catch-up work when starting the class. 

The Seeing and Exploring Life’s Future (SELF) Program has been committed to comprehensive, LGBTQIA+ affirming, medically accurate, and culturally relevant sexuality education since it began in 1985.

Physical Education with Pat Caldwell ages 5-13 TWO OPEN SPACES!!

Active Solutions and Mr. Caldwell have taken the best of Physical Education and created a course your child(ren) will not forget. This class will take place outdoors whenever possible. Your child(ren) will experience 2-3 different activities during each session. Activities include lifelong sport, recreation and fitness: many individual and team sports, rope jumping, racket games, kickball, capture the flag, floor hockey, bowling, soccer, lord of the rings, pin guard and many other games and activities.


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Picture Day: Thursday, October 12
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October 19 - Thursday
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December 7 - Thursday

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HEdFEx's (Home Educators for Excellence) mission is to provide a secular, inclusive homeschool co-op for the Twin Cities. We offer high-quality, professionally taught classes for ages 5-16, and friendship and support for kids and parents alike. We meet for classes Thursdays during the school year, and for meet ups on Thursdays durring the summer.