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Heritage Homeschool Group FAQs

General Information


May 2020 How Are You Planning for Fall of 2020? 


As I write this, it is May 2020 and there are still many unknowns about larger gatherings for the fall. As we plan our morning classes for elementary and highschool, we are talking to teachers and asking them to plan to teach in person...but also plan like they will teach online. Teachers will be putting together paper syllabi for their classes...but they will also be building their class assignments into a Google classroom. If classes are able to meet in person but we need to go online for any number of reasons, we will be able to do that. Our teachers used Zoom to finish out the current year and we envision something like that for the 2020-2021 school year if needed. 

Elective classes will be modified if possible to meet online. If classes cannot meet in person most of the time, elective offerings will be modified to offer classes that are suitable for online. 

Should classes be offered online, there will be a modified schedule. This spring our 7th-12th graders took classes on Monday and our 1st to 6th graders took classes on Tuesday. Some kind of schedule modification would likely be necessary to accomodate the number of devices a family would need for all of their students classes to happen online. 

This section will be updated as more information is available and more decisions are made. Thanks! I hope to meet you soon!


What is a typical co-op day schedule?


Our typical day follows the schedule below:

Morning Opening 9:15

1st period: 9:30-10:25 (some of our high school science courses do begin at 9:00 to allow for time for tests/labs)

2nd period 10:30-11:25

3rd period 11:30-12:25

LUNCH 12:30-1:15

4th period 1:15-2:10

5th period 2:15-3:10



How often do you meet and where?


We meet at a church in Wadsworth, Ohio.  We meet for 30 weeks between August and May with several breaks inbeween. 


What are the costs involved?


 --There is a family fee of $125 per year (in 2020-2021) to cover overhead (facility, insurance, basic supplies, etc.)

--In addition, there are class fees ranging from $30-50 per class per child to cover supplies and copies.

--Some classes require a curriculum purchase

--Drop off fee for families in which the parents do not teach/help.-- Parents that do not wish to help during the co-op day may pay a drop off fee $150/student per class for our morning academic classes (approximately 30 weeks) and $70/student/class for our elective classes (9-10 weeks). If the child is under 12, parents need to stay in the building while their student is in class if they are choosing the "drop off" option unless special permission has been received. If the student is 12 or older, parents my drop off their students and do not need to stay. Drop off familes are still required to do outside Team volunteer jobs (20 hours per year) and log their hours.

--During the school year, there are optional opportunities for your family that are not covered by family or class fees. These costs may include field trips, pizza days, year books etc. 




What parental participation is involved?


A a homeschool co-op, we know that the participation of every family is vitally important to our group offering great classes and social activites. As such, every family is expected to participate in several ways.

1. Parents help in classes and lunchrooms while their students are present during the co-op day (unless drop off fees are paid).

2. All parents teach or perform an "in kind" teaching job if they want their students to participate in electives (unless drop off fees are paid)

--Teaching positions include morning classes (must be in co-op for 1 year)

--10 week Elective teachers (must be in co-op for 1 year)

--5 week activity club teacher for grades K-3 (classes are 25 min lessons hands on for 5 weeks)(any co-op parent)

--In kind teaching jobs include being a Freeplay leader in the afternoon or cleaning crew leader.

3. Every family must contribute participate in a "Parent Volunteer Team" which organizes extra curricular activities, does administrative tasks, plans parties or leads hospitality. Every family must log 20+ hours of volunteering outside of regular co-op day assignments.




What core classes do you offer?


We offer a science, writing and history class for all ages. We do not offer math classes. 

Registration & Renewal


When does registration begin for the 2020-2021 school year? 


Registration for new families begins at the beginning of  June 2020. If you are interested in joining, an Interest Form is required so we can contact you when we know we have openings for your family.


What is the registration process for new families?


Here is our complete registration checklist. 


Can I come to Heritage if my children are only in preschool or kindergarten? 


Many families are eager to begin their homeschool journey before their children are in elementary school. We are excited to meet you! However, our primary class offerings are targeted toward families with elementary, junior high and high school children. Our registration process prioritizes registering families with school aged children who are at least in first grade. In order to make sure we have spaces for the younger siblings of these school age children, we delay registering families with only younger children. We will start registering families with only younger children n July if there are availabe spots in our preschool and kindergarten classes.

Lunch & Recess


How does lunch work? 


For the 2019-2020 school year, we are adjusting lunch. Families who come for the morning or electives are welcome to come eat lunch. This is a great way to socialize with friends outside of structured classes. Below are the key details:

1. Families who come for the morning and want to stay for afternoon electives, must register for lunch. Not registering for lunch will mean that families cannot stay for electives. 

2. A children (aside from nursery) need to be registered for the lunch room they will be attending. Lunch is during 4th period and we will have 4 lunch rooms so that students can eat with their peers. 

3. Parents will be assigned a lunch room to eat in and supervise. There will be at least 4-6 adults per lunch room. The responsibilies of the adults in the room include supervising lunch, cleaning up the lunch room & supervising students during recess. Students will eat for approximately 15-20 minutes and then the adults will divide responsibilies. Some will clean the lunch room and some will supervise recess activities. Weather permitting, recess should be outdoors. Parents with babies should keep them with them and preschool children can eat in their lunch room or with the parent.

4. All children should bring a packed lunch that DOES NOT NEED to be microwaved.

5. Parents that do not want to supervise at lunch may pay at drop off fee of $50/child/10 weeks. 

6. Families that are paying drop off for both morning and afternoon classes are not required to pay drop off for lunch. Families are only paying for drop off for part of the classes are required to pay drop off for lunch if their children are staying.

Any questions should be sent to the Director