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Proverbs Twenty-Two Six

Welcome to P226! Our 2019/2020 theme for this year is CONNECT! We are excited to see P226 grow. However, we are praying daily that P226 is more than just a big homeschool support group with a lot to offer. We pray that P226 is full with families who are excited and motivated to connect with each other. Are you looking to connect? Then come join us! 

Mission Statement And Mission

Proverbs Twenty-Two Six Mission Statement: Lead. Feed. Go.

Objective: P226's purpose is "to train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." To provide educational, creative and exciting activities for our homeschool families. To do all things with love and consideration for our homeschool families. To encourage and allow our children to explore many rich opportunities of childhood. To enjoy and appreciate blessings of life by putting God first. We will accomplish our goal by living as an example of godly leadership for our children. Then we will feed them Biblical principles to be applied into their lives. Finally, we will encourage our children and parents to go into their communities and continue our Biblical mission - Lead. Feed. Go. 

We believe in God's order that the man is the head of his household, therefore, we believe the dad's in our homeschool community should be a visible part of this journey as often as possible. We believe parents are to work together as home educators guided by the Holy Spirit training and teaching their children as He leads and provides. 


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Welcome to P226! 

Omar and Saleama Ruvalcaba serve as the leaders of P226. Omar serves as Head of Family Support and Saleama serves as Executive Director. Omar and Saleama strive to offer a godly homeschool support group servicing the Mid-South area. 

Omar is the running backs coach at ECS (Evangelical Christian School), and serves as athletic director, non basketball related sports, for Memphis-area Home Education Association.

Omar has a B.S. in Church Ministries with an emphasis on Christian leadership. Saleama also has a B.S. in Church Ministries and a M.A.in Theological Studies.

Omar and Saleama own and operate a homeschool physical education program in Memphis called Gifted Athletes gamemphis.org  Omar and Saleama began Gifted Athletes in August 2015 with one class and nine students. They now teach 150 homeschool students weekly during five seperate classes. 

They are proud parents of five children. The Ruvalcaba's are active members of Bellevue Baptist Church where Omar serves as a Deacon, six-grade boys Life Group director, KWOW (Wednesday night 2nd grade teacher) Decision Counselor, and volunteer youth coach. Saleama is a 2nd grade Life Group Director for both Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. 

What We Offer

P226 offers your family a safe, friendly, godly environment. 

P226 empowers today's youth to become godly leaders of tomorrow.

In addition to educational field trips, we offer monthly family prayer gatherings, outreach projects, and educational workshops.

Our monthly prayer gatherings consist of theme teaching, such as; "Community", "Discipleship", and "Family.” 

We are now accepting new families for the 2019/2020 school year!

P226 is a MHEA Supported Support Group which means in addition to our yearly membership, you are required to have a MHEA membership as well. You can easily become a MHEA member by clicking here: online registration. 

(Please note, only events that are open to the public are displayed on our website with dates and times. Our full calendar is only available to P226 families) Please see some upcoming events below. 

  • Weekly Prayer Emails 
  • Dad's Night (Memphis Escape Rooms)
  • 10 week High School boys Leadership Book Study
  • Whole Foods Tour 
  • Slave Haven
  • Cedar Hills Farms
  • Introduction to Acting Workshop
  • Harvest Dessert Party 
  • The Salvation Army (Christmas Outreach Project) 

This is not our full caledar. Our entire semester calendar is only accessible to families who join P226. 

P226 Family Membership is $20.00 per year. Becoming a member of Proverbs Twenty-Two Six Homeschoolers allows your family to attend all events hosted by P226. Some P226 events are free or at a very low fee. Some field trips are free - and some are not.
You will also have access to P226 website and Facebook page. 
Membership registration and renewal is done online. There is a $1.50 service charge. 

Membership fee is $21.50 and good through May 31, 2020. Click the Join tab to join us.