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Welcome to Artful Intelligence (AI)!  We're excited to bring this community together and hopefully watch it grow into a think tank for the artfully and intelligently inspired everywhere.  AI began to address the need for fun, functional learning.  We are striving to offer courses that fit the needs and inpsire the creativity of learners everywhere.  It's our sincere hope that in the end we learn as much from our kids as they do from us.  Collaborative thinking is not age restrictive!  

We are a secular homeschool coop with spiritual leanings.  We're putting the fun back in Friday!  Classes will be held Fridays beginning the 2nd week of January (1/11/2019).  Please consult our class schedule for a more detailed description of our classes and schedule. Please see our calendar for important upcoming dates.

We're looking forward to learning with you.  


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