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Welcome to HUGS!  

 Homeschooling Under God's Supervision

We're glad you stopped by!

We are a group of homeschoolers based in Ankeny, Iowa.  We welcome Christian homeschooling families from the Des Moines metro area.  Most events will be held in the town of Ankeny.

Please note: We will begin accepting membership requests for the 2016-2017 school year on June 1st.

Did you know?

"Homeschooling grew from 1.7 percent of the school age population in 1999 to 2.9 percent in 2007, a 74 percent relative increase over 8 years," states Dr. Brian D. Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute 

HUGS is a group of about 110 families that offers monthly field trips, monthly art classes, a chance to connect with other homeschooling families, and a wealth of opportunities for your child.  Have questions?  We'd love to hear from you! 

Drop us an email at hugshomeschooling@gmail.com

What kind of activities do we do?  In years past we toured Carroll's Pumpkin Farm, Iowa Hall of Pride, Westfield Farms, Living History Farms, Salisbury House, Des Moines Water Works, IPTV, and the Des Moines Register Printing Facility.  We have also toured an ice cream shop, a radio station and the Animal Rescue League. We visited Center Grove Orchard, the UPS facility and the Science Center of Iowa as well.

In order to fully access all the features of this website, you will need to become a member of HUGS. For more information on joining, click on the link to the left:

"How Do We Join HUGS."  

If you decide to join, begin by clicking on the link at the top of the page:

"Request Membership."  

Next you will need to read and sign our Membership Guidelines/Statement of Faith form.  Please mail in your dues, along with the signed form, to the address provided on the form.  

Enrollment period for 2015-2016 school year will begin on June 1st, 2015.

Homeschooling Under God's Supervision
Mark 9:36-37

Our Statement of Faith

We believe that Jesus Christ is God's one and only Son.  We believe in his virgin birth, physical death on the cross, bodily resurrection from the dead, and ascension into heaven where He lives eternally.  We believe in 1 John 5:7 which states "For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one." KJV

We believe salvation is a free gift provided by the grace of God for all who believe and accept His Son as Savior.

In accordance with the teachings of the Holy Bible as the inerrant Word of God, for all purposes of the corporation and our bylaws, "marriage" means only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife, and the word "spouse" refers only to a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or wife.

We believe in the divine inerrancy of the Bible and that it alone is the source of all Truth.  It alone is the measuring stick by which we choose to judge all of life.

Our Statement of Purpose

We believe that children are gifts from God.  (Psalm 127:3)  We believe that parents are responsible for the training and education of the children God has entrusted to them.  Each parent stands accountable to the Lord for the course that is charted and the course that is followed. 

We support and respect different methods of education employed by each family.

We, as a Christian home schooling support group, believe that it is our purpose to affirm and encourage families who have chosen to home educate their children.

We agree to maintain a Christian organization, reflecting the biblical principles of love and morality. 

We desire to honor and glorify God and to be a light to the community and world.  All group activities will be in keeping with Christian beliefs and standards of conduct.