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Please watch the website for information on our OPEN HOUSE, March 21, 2022

Registration for the 2022/2023 school year will open in April, 2022

Catholic homeschooling is a joy, a challenge, and a daily adventure. You have freely chosen this happy road, strewn with piles of good books, art projects, pencils, math problems, and the energetic pace of family life. You try to be a nurturing parent who provides challenging coursework and loving, faith-filled formation for your children. Even so, you sometimes realize that you don’t have the time, the expertise, or the energy to teach everything your growing children need.


We understand your need for selective courses outside the home that round out your homeschool offerings.  We’ve been in your shoes.  We have experienced the relief that comes with finding inspiring teachers who can teach the courses we can’t.  We’re here to support you in building a more integrated program of study for your homeschooled children.

You’ll find a clear path forward with Divine Mercy Co-op, a bright opportunity for new friendships, experienced teachers, educational progress, real community, and peace of mind, so that you feel supported doing what you do best:  loving and teaching your children.

Please review our course listing to see if Divine Mercy Co-op is a good match for your family.