Who We Are

Forever Family Homeschoolers is a cooperative program led by parents working together
to equip the next generation with Biblical truths through educational instruction and to
offer support in the spiritual training of our children. Our desire is to create an
atmosphere that impacts our children's hearts as well as their minds. We want to unite
homeschooling families by walking this journey together.

We make it a priority to operate according to Christian principles. Our aim is to honor
God in all we do. We accept and attempt to model the example of Christ as our standard of conduct and to reflect His image.

At Forever Family Homeschoolers commitment is imperative. Everyone is expected to
arrive prepared to fulfill their roles. It takes everyone in every role to make co-op a
Success. We also want to model a postive attitude. We kknow life is full of challenges bug God promises us His presence and the ability to choose a good attitude no matter the
circumstances. Ask if you need help. Our members are here to support each other when
and where we can-just like a family!

We offer classes at all grade levels, infant through 12th grade. We meet once weekly on Fridays and operate by semesters. Cost is $150.00 per family
for the year paid in full at fall semester). **Fess are subject to change.

We do not serve as an umbrella school. We are strictly a cooperative program. Parents
are responsible for registering their children with an umbrella that meets State

We offer a monthly mom's night out, field day at the end of the school year, and social
events for our students. FFH host a monthly 4H club that is open to the public. We also
offer a homeschooling support group for the community. Our support group involves
field trips and social events throughout the year. You do not have to be a part of the
co-op to participate in the homeschooling support group.

Please contact FFH for more information.