Axis Homeschool Group & Co-op

Welcome to Axis - A mission of South Lake Christian Church

Registration for 2022/23 is OPEN!

Registration can be submitted for approval online.

The $50 annual family registration fee can be paid at (give/axis)

Please reach out to Olivia if you have any questions: [email protected]

      2023-24 School year preview day is Aptil 4, 2023 @10am. 

     We will meet in the SLCC Sanctuary for a brief presentation, Q&A time and a tour of the facilities. Classes will be in session this day so you will get a good idea of what a day at Axis co-op is like. We look forward to meeting you! 

2022-23 Dates to know

First day of Classes: August 9,2022

Thanksgiving/ Christmas Break: November 16 - January 2 (classes resume 1/3/2023)

Spring Break: (2 weeks) No classes March 14th & -21st  

Last Day of Classes: April 25,2023

Promotion Night May 5, 2023



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2022/23 Matrix

1st Period (9:40-10:30) 2nd Period (10:40-11:30) 3rd Period (12:30-1:20) 4th Period (1:30-2:20)
Cafe A (TV)
9th - 12th
Jessica Henley, Kaitlyn Beltran
Board Games
6th - 12th
Ashley Sampley
Classroom 1
Bible - Preschool
Pre-School - Pre-Kindergarten
Kaitlyn Beltran, Pamela Szydlik, Jasmine Orovio
Fun Class: Preschool
Pre-School - Pre-Kindergarten ; 2 y/o - 3 y/o
Pamela Szydlik, Melissa Taylor
Little People Art
Pre-School - Kindergarten
Megan McNeal, Jessica Jones, Jasmine Orovio
Preschool Fun
Pre-School - Kindergarten
Megan McNeal, Jessica Jones
Classroom 2
Bible - K-1st Grade
Kindergarten - 1st
Tonya Rowe
Interactive Science: Note booking
1st - 2nd
Roxann Laforest
American History Heroes
3rd - 5th
Kim Klokus, Kate Ping
Wild Kratts Science
Kindergarten - 3rd
Andrena Shaw
Classroom 3
Bible - 2nd - 3rd Grade
2nd - 3rd
Olivia Padgett, Jessica Henley
Botany - Apologia
2nd - 5th
Jennifer Kuropkat, Megan Hall, virginia dorsch
Stories with STEAM
Kindergarten - 1st
Roxann Laforest, Kate Ping
Wild Kratts Science
Kindergarten - 3rd
Sara Land, Kaitlyn Beltran
Classroom 4
Bible Class K-1st grade
Kindergarten - 1st
Sela Padgett, Jessica Christlieb
Itty Bitty Book Club
Pre-School - Kindergarten
Jasmine Orovio, Olga Piotrowski
1st - 2nd
Brooke Klokus, Norma Klokus
Spanish Cultures & More!
3rd - 5th ; 8 y/o - 10 y/o
Gigi Zemaitis
Classroom 5
Bible: Nursery- 2's
Nursery - Pre-Kindergarten ; 0 y/o - 2 y/o
Heather King, Pamela Szydlik
Heather King
Heather King
Heather King
Classroom 6
Bible - 4th & 5th Grade
4th - 5th
Maria Sandoval, Leah Woods
Kinder Skills: Sight Words / Reading
Kindergarten - 1st
Olivia Padgett, Jessica Christlieb
Business Economics
2nd - 5th
Sara Land, Jessica Christlieb
3rd - 5th
Khara Drummond, Shannon McCartney
Sanctuary Classroom
Bible - Adult Study& Prayer Time
Study Hall
Study Hall
Shelley Gehman
Study Hall
Kate Thomasson
Reptiles & LEGOS
1st - 5th
Ashley Sampley, Sarah Ealy
Musical Theater
3rd - 12th
Danielle Commarota, Breanne Eckelberry, Laura Cooper, Tonya Rowe, Ashley Sampley
4th - 8th ; 10 y/o - 18 y/o
Caleb Padgett, Shelley Gehman
Room 7 * Portable
Morning Fitness with Livia
Livia Fulvi
"Love Does"
6th - 12th
Kim Klokus, Kate Ping
SCIENCE - Middle School
6th - 8th
Nyome Renew, Livia Fulvi
Creative Writing
6th - 12th
Laura Cooper, Breanne Eckelberry, Ellington Adair-Clark
Room 8 * Portable
Bible - Middle School
6th - 8th
Kim Klokus, Tina Rivenburg
6th - 12th
Ed Hendershot, Ellington Adair-Clark, Bill Jones
1st - 3rd
Larry Kulcher, Andrena Shaw
Shop Class
4th - Adult
Larry Kulcher, Livia Fulvi, Leah Woods
Room 9 * AdultPortable
Bible - High School
9th - 12th
Bryce Hotchkiss
Apologia: Anatomy & Physiology
9th - 12th
Adriana Watt, Mary Herzog
6th - 12th
Laura Pattee, virginia dorsch
Notgrass: High School American History: Exploring America
8th - 12th
Olivia Padgett