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Home School Legal Defense Association
Utah Parents United
Great website for parents in Utah.
Aletheia Christian College
Developers of The One Room School Method of teaching in private schools.
Prenda Microschools
Check this out if you are interested in using Prenda online resources combined with Meadow Ridge Academy in person learning.
1776 Report
Direct link to the 1776 Report.
Utahns Against Common Core
Great resource to stay in-the-know in Utah about education.
Rainbow Resource
Education supplies for home and school.
Public School Exit
Parent resource.
1776 Commission
1776 Commission
Parents Defending Education
Map to find out local issues in education.
The Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE)
American Christian Education resource.
Mom's For Liberty
This is an organization that is educating and empowering parents to defend their parental rights at all levels of government.