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Who Is CrossPointe?

We are an academic based, Christian co-op, grades Kindergarten to 12th located in Jacksonville, Florida. We offer nursery and preschool for our participating families. Each mom co-teaches a class and serves on a committe throughout the year.  We also have events and field trips throughout the year as a time to explore and fellowship with one another. 

Our primary mission of CrossPointe Co-op is to glorify God! One of the ways we seek to accomplish this is though supporting homeschool parents in teaching their children to love the Lord, walk in His ways and obey His commands according to Scripture. Secondary to this is providing excellent academic instruction to further enhance each child’s skills needed to become confident individuals in fulfilling the purposes God has placed on his or her life.

Interested in CrossPointe?

For more detailed information, please read all the information under the tabs on the left.  This should answer many of your questions.

We will host our annual open house in Feb or March 2019.  Please check back in January 2019 for more information.

If you would like additional information or to be put on a list to contact should any openings come up -  email Jennifer Drawdy at






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