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Who Are We

Hey Homeschool Parent! You don't have to do this crazy thing alone! There are a whole bunch of other home-educating families up here on da Range. 

HEY (Home Educators & Youth) serves the Iron Range cities of Virginia, Eveleth, Iron, Gilbert, Biwabik, Aurora, Hoyt Lakes, Tower, Chisolm, Hibbing, and surrounding communities. 

If you are looking for a homeschooling group, please contact us at info@mnhey.org for more information. We would love to see you at our next HEY Days!

Membership dues for HEY are $26 for the year. Your access to the HEY Member Website is approved after dues are paid. Dues were due on October 1. If you are just joining the site, your paid dues will activate your website access.

If you are interested in getting started in home education, please click here. It's a great article from Natural News.

How To Request Membership

To request membership with HEY, go to the top of the website page, above the header, and click the icon shown in this illustration. It will take you to a submission form.

Ski Days!

Sign up and pay by Tuesday, February 20 for our next Ski Day at Giants Ridge. Package information can be found under the Events tab on the Ski Day page. Purchase tickets using the Payments tab on the header. Open to all area homeschoolers, not just HEY members.

Bonus Ski Day

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Open to non-HEY homeschooling families in the area!