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Chapter Welcome

Welcome to the Northern Onondaga Chapter of New York State Loving Education at Home (LEAH)

NYS LEAH is a state-wide network of support groups, serving home school families from around the state. We are a non-denominational Christian organization, promoting  home education as the Scriptural design for education. We believe every family has the God-given legal right to home educate in NYS, regardless of their educational philosophy or religious affiliation. LEAH is not a church, nor is it meant to replace the ministry of the local church to the homeschool family.

Northern Onondaga LEAH is comprised of more than 70 families who choose to educate their children at home. We offer:

Monthly support group meetings

Guest Speakers

Homeschool Co-op

An annual History fair

Discounted membership in HSLDA

High School Prom

...and more!

Just thinking about homeschooling? New to homeschooling? Visit the "Links" and "FAQ" pages for more information on homeschooling in New York.

Chapter Registration

The Northern Onondaga LEAH Chapter Member Application is available on this website!

*Resgistration opens July 1, 2022

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General Information


Below is the updated document with information and links for the current sports offered through the chapter. 

Soccer sign-ups are underway and will close July 16th. CNY SPORTS LEAH memberships for soccer need to also be renewed by this date. (See the document below for further information.)

 2018-19 CNY Sports LEAH Basic Information

Baldwinsville Christian Academy

Homeschool Cooperative Program

It is the desire of BCA to assist parents in their God-given responsibility to educate their children, whether they choose a traditional school environment or homeschooling. BCA’s Homeschool Cooperative is for students whose families are committed to homeschooling as an educational choice and desire outside courses to supplement their homeschool curriculum. Homeschool parents who participate in this program are responsible for reporting BCA courses and grades to their school districts. Parents will have access to their child’s grades and homework completion records online through RenWeb for grades 4-12.

Elementary Grades K-6
Homeschool Cooperative students can choose from special studio art, music and physical education classes. Other classes can be determined on a per case basis, please call the office to schedule an appointment.

Middle School and High School Grades 7-12
We offer our junior and senior high school classes to homeschool students as space allows. Cooperative students may take up to two academic classes per semester, plus up to two electives if desired. 

Extra-Curricular Programs
Students are also welcome to attend and participate in numerous school activities, assemblies, fundraisers, cafeteria lunch hour, and much more throughout the year. Homeschool Cooperative students grades 6-12 may join our soccer, basketball, and/or volleyball teams.

For more information, you can also contact:
 Baldwinsville Christian Academy
Tonya L S Cooper, Marketing and Development
Telephone: 315-638-1069

Contact Information

For more information on Northern Onondaga LEAH, please contact us at [email protected]