Home Team is a Christian Homeschool field trip and support group on the NE side of San Antonio, Texas, and surrounding areas. We get together mostly on Wednesdays and Thursdays for play time or organized field trips AND offer fun Fridays at parks! We also have fun Teacher's Night Out monthly and holiday parties for the children. We are a VERY active group!

All members must have at least one homeschooled child that is 4 years or older to enjoy the membership - as most field trips are aimed at kinder and older. We encourage all members to join in on at least one activity a month when possible. We do require that members attend at least once every 3 months. 

Our Home Teen group is part of Home Team and offers teen activities every month. Our teen group is for ages 12 to 18yrs. We often have special activities for the teens at our weekly Friday park days too!
Yearly membership dues are $20 every June. If you join in a month other than June, the membership dues vary depending on the month. The dues are explained in more detail during the joining process.
If you would like more information before joining, please click on "About Home Team" or "Request Membership".

Hebrews 10:24 
"We must also consider how to encourage each other, to show love, and to do good things."